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Dongdan Park

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Dongdan park is located at No. 4, Dahua Road, Dongcheng District, covering an area of 47500 square meters. It was built in 1955 and is one of the parks in Beijing. In the north, it is a earth mountain built by digging holes and accumulating soil. On the mountain, there are dense trees and a hexagonal double eaves glazed tile Pavilion.
There are pools, waterside pavilions and children's playground in the south, rockeries and squares in the East, verandas and caves in the West.
Dongdan park is also a place where go enthusiasts gather. When Nie Weiping returned to Beijing from Heilongjiang Construction Corps, his chess skills were already superb. However, he was still in the Amateur Go industry and had little popularity.
Chinese Name: Dongdan park type park was first built in 1955, with an area of 47500 square meters in Beijing. The main landscaping structures are rocks, lotus pond, flowers and trees, pavilions and pavilions
Development history
Dongdan Park was founded in 1955, covering an area of 47500 square meters.  More than 8000 trees are planted in the park, flowers are planted, grass is paved, the environment is fresh, trees are shaded, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. It was originally the southern suburb of Yuandadu. In the early Ming Dynasty, the city wall moved southward and was enclosed in the city. After the Treaty of xinchou was signed in 1901, it was transferred into the embassy area and became a training ground for foreign troops. In 1948, a temporary airport was also established here. The park is located in a busy city, which has played a great role in beautifying the surrounding environment. Today, it has become a good place for the public to rest and play.
geographical environment
Dongdan Park covers an area of 47500 square meters. In the north, it is an earth mountain built by digging and preventing cavities and accumulating soil. There are dense trees on the mountain, and a hexagonal double eaves glazed tile Pavilion is built. There are pools, waterside pavilions and children's playground in the south, rockeries and squares in the East, verandas and caves in the West.
Dongdan park is a street park with mountains and rocks, lotus pond, flowers and trees, pavilions as the main landscaping structure. In the garden, there are uneven and undulating mounds, resulting in the artistic conception of winding paths, jagged rocks, and sparse flowers and trees. Especially near the hillock near the west gate, the zigzag and abstruse tunnel made of Taihu stone and bluestone forms the entrance barrier to separate the garden space, and at the same time, it also plays a role in the landscape making atmosphere of thin, transparent, leaky and wrinkled Lake stone. There are unique classical pavilions and pavilions built on the 19 meter high earth mound in the park. The pavilions are double eaves, double columns, six corners flying upwards, and double blue glazed tiles. The modeling is unique in the whole country. It is very harmonious with the main color of the park. At the south end of the park, there are lotus pond, water corridor house, flower shed, leaky window, chess table and so on.
natural resources
Dongdan park gives full play to the effect of group beauty of plant landscaping: more than 80 kinds of trees are cultivated in the park, nearly 8000 plants. The vegetation coverage is 91%. The main dominant species of flowers and trees are sophora, willow, pine, poplar, wax, pine, Begonia, Ginkgo biloba, clove, Luan tree, honeysuckle, elm, Sorbaria, Yuanbaofeng, huanglanmei, Bitao, huangbi, etc.; in addition, there are wenguanguo, Dengtai tree, dogwood, Ruixiang, Shuidonggua, etc. It is mainly used to observe leaves, fruits, flowers and trees, with trees, shrubs, vines and flowers at the same time. It also has a lawn of 67000 square meters. The whole greening and configuration are proper, and the plant landscaping has achieved the effect of group beauty, giving people a sense of beauty in color, fragrance and appearance. It has the artistic conception of "not going out of the city, but getting the pleasure of mountains and rivers, living in a busy city and having the beauty of forest and spring". It is a good place for the public to rest and play.
Historical humanism
There is an old man in Dongdan park. He has a certain reputation in the amateur go world and thinks highly of himself. Someone told Nie Weiping about it. Nie Weiping was young and competitive, so he asked his friend to take him to fight with the old man. As soon as the old man saw Nie Weiping's appearance, he raised his hand and took white chess in his hand, obviously despised his opponent. Who knows a dish down, Nie Weiping cut melons and vegetables a big win. The old man thought it was a slip of the moment. He had to make another set. As a result, this set was not as good as the previous one. At that time, there were many onlookers and more sweat beads on the forehead of the old man. Suddenly, an old amateur player flashed out of the crowd, grabbed the old man and asked, "who are you playing chess with?" "I don't know," said the old man The visitor said, "do you dare to take white chess? This is the famous Dani! " The old man got up and took the chess and left. He didn't come to Dongdan to play for a long time.
In Beijing at that time, in addition to Dongdan Park, Jingshan Park was also a place where go fans gathered. The fans in these two parks represented the relatively high level of Beijing's Amateur Go industry at that time. Later, people often met with chess friends, among which Nie Weiping was the representative. With the rise of Chen Zude and Nie Weiping, China has more and more go fans.
Characteristics of scenic spots
Because of its convenient transportation, Dongdan park has become a long-term occupation place for specific groups of people in the early days --- the largest gay gathering place in Beijing, which is a national characteristic park. It's also a place where comrades wander and are helpless!!
Tourism information
Address: No.4, Dahua Road, Dongcheng District
Metro Line 1, Metro Line 5, exit h of Dongdan station
Metro Line 2, Metro Line 5, exit e, Chongwenmen
No.1 Dongdan Road West Exit
41, 128, 684 Dongdan Road South
Get off at Chongwenmen, No.39, 106, 108, 110, 111, 116
8, 9, 20, 44 inside, 44 outside, 103, 104, 599, 622, TE2 road chongwenmenxi get off
9 Chongwenmen inner st, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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