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Wudaoying Hutong

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Wudaoying Hutong is located in the north of Dongcheng District, Beijing, on the east side of Andingmen overpass, under the jurisdiction of Andingmen sub district office, with an east-west trend. It starts from Yonghegong street in the East, ends at Andingmen inner street in the west, connects with Jianchang Hutong in the South and Andingmen East Street in the north. 632m in total length and 6m in width, asphalt pavement. Wudaoying Hutong was called wudewaying in Ming Dynasty and wrongly named in Qing Dynasty. Although its name is totally different, it is also named after the army.
Chinese Name: wudaoying hutong is open all day. Ticket price is not required. Suggested playing time: 1-2 hours. Recommended country: Beijing city of China. Suitable for playing in all seasons. Best in spring and autumn. Suitable for climate
Historical evolution
Wudaoying Hutong, a chongjiaofang in Ming Dynasty, is called wudaoying. It is said that this is the garrison of the Ming Dynasty, hence the name. The Qing Dynasty is inlaid with yellow flag, which is called wudaoying. Both battalions and guards are related to the garrison. A battalion is a military unit. The Place where troops are stationed is generally called a battalion. Wei is a military unit in Ming Dynasty. There are five thousand and six hundred people in the city. They are divided into internal and external ones. Those stationed in Beijing are called Jingwei. Those stationed outside Beijing are called foreign guards. The outer guards are all subordinate to the five army governor's office. Jingwei has the difference between pro army and non pro army, the latter also belongs to the five army governor's office. The names of Wei come from different origins, either in their positions, regions or in good language "Wu De" Wei is a good language. Wudeway camp is the residence of wudeway. After the Republic of China. In 1965, when the toponym was reorganized, small headlines and small two articles were incorporated and renamed wudaoying Hutong.
historical significance
There are always foreigners in wudaoying Hutong in Beijing. Some are leisurely tourists, some are investment shopkeepers. Many foreigners are fond of Beijing's Hutong Culture, which makes the majority of early investors in wudaoying. Some owners who opened stores in Nanluoguxiang and Gulou also came to the scene and opened branches or new stores in wudaoying. Hutong has developed into a new commercial street with unique creative characteristics, which has also attracted more investors. The rental price of wudaoying hutong is rising. For a small shop with an area of no more than ten square meters, the monthly rent is about 6000 yuan, and for a good location, it is more than 10000 yuan, excluding the high transfer fee.
Traffic information
1. Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Andingmen station or Yonghegong station.
2. Take Metro Line 5 and get off at Yonghegong station.
Take bus No. 90 or 104, get off at "Andingmen" station and walk to wudaoying Hutong.

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