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798 Art District

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798 Art District is located in Dashanzi District, Jiuxianqiao street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, so it is also called Dashanzi Art District. It was originally the old factory area of electronic industry such as the former state-owned 798 factory. Nowadays, 798 has attracted wide attention of the media and the public at home and abroad, and has become a new landmark of Beijing urban culture.
This area starts from Jiuxianqiao Road in the west, Jiuxianqiao Road in the East, Jiuxianqiao Road in the north and Jiangtai Road in the south, covering an area of more than 600000 square meters. It is famous for its contemporary art and 798 lifestyle. The name of the art district comes from the name of the old factory of Beijing state-owned electronic industry. 798 consensus has been formed in the development process of 798 Art District. Therefore, 798 also refers to a cultural concept extended from this art district, as well as loft, a fashionable way of living and working, referred to as 798 lifestyle or 798 lifestyle for short.
Chinese name 798 Art Zone foreign name 798 artdist opening hours 10:00-17:00 (bar, restaurant excluded) ticket price free famous scenic spot Beijing season Gallery, baimameido Art Center, Xiaoke theater,
Eurens Art Center, Perth, Beijing, metal warehouse, country of Sanjue creative collection, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 3-4 hours is recommended for all seasons
Cultural orientation
After the artists and cultural institutions settled in, they rented and transformed the vacant factory buildings on a large scale, and gradually developed into the aggregation of various spaces such as galleries, art centers, artist studios, design companies, restaurants and bars, forming an international "SOHO style art settlement" and "loft lifestyle", which attracted considerable attention. Through the organic combination of contemporary art, architectural space, cultural industry, historical context and urban living environment, 798 has evolved into a cultural concept, which has a strong attraction to all kinds of professionals and the general public, and has a significant impact on the concept of urban culture and living space, known as 798 lifestyle. The building style of Factory 798 is simple and simple, emphasizing function.
Huge cast-in-place structure and bright skylight are rare in other buildings They are the key industrial projects aided by the Soviet Union and designed and built by the East Germany in the early 1950s. They have experienced numerous vicissitudes in the past decades. With the reform and opening up, the transformation of Beijing's urban cultural orientation, people's lifestyle and the arrival of globalization, 798 factory and other enterprises are also facing the task of redefining and redeveloping. With the process of urbanization and the expansion of urban area in Beijing, Dashanzi area, which was originally a suburb of Beijing, has become a part of the urban area. The original industrial relocation will inevitably lead to the emergence of a new type of industry, which is pollution-free, low energy consumption and high-tech content, more suitable for the city's positioning and development trend. The presence of a large number of artists and cultural people is the reflection of this historical trend.
Among these residents, there are cultural industries such as design, publishing, exhibition, performance and artist studio, as well as service industries such as boutique home furnishing, fashion, bar, catering and cake. On the premise of protecting the original historical and cultural heritage, they redefined, designed and transformed the original industrial plant, bringing a creative understanding of architecture and lifestyle. After their transformation, these empty factories themselves become new architectural works. Between historical context and development paradigm, between practical and aesthetic, they have a vivid dialogue with the old buildings in the factory. Just like ebeecake, a creative cake brand settled in 798 in 2009, with exquisite modeling and emotional name showing the journey of life, it well embodies the combination of delicacy, art and culture, and enriches the cultural connotation of 798. The occasional ebeecake dolls also add some fun to the fashionable 798 Art District.
The way of living of these residents is the product of economic reform. They have demonstrated the 798 consensus and the new relationship between personal ideas and social economic structure - between Utopia and reality, memory and future. 798 is the carrier of youth culture in the new era. The culture formed here will be the internationalization of local resources and the socialization of personal ideals. The new 798 means the coexistence of pioneer consciousness and traditional sentiment, the equal emphasis on experimental color and social responsibility, the win-win of spiritual pursuit and economic planning, and the interaction between elites and the public. The phenomenon in 798 involves a wide range of aspects such as urban development, production and consumption patterns.
Historical evolution
Talking about the history of Beijing 798 Art District, we must start from the industrialization of new China. The Place where Beijing 798 Art District is located is the "Beijing North China Radio joint equipment factory" built during the "first five year plan" of new China, namely 718 Joint Factory. The 718 Joint plant was approved by Premier Zhou Enlai in person, prepared under the command of minister Wang Zheng, and established with the assistance of the former Soviet Union and democratic Germany.
In 1952, the joint plant was built in Jiuxianqiao area without industrial foundation in the outskirts of Beijing. In 1954, civil construction began. In October 1957, the state leaders participated in the commencement ceremony and announced the commencement of production Its speed is rare in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China. It embodies the hard work of the old generation of leaders and builders. In Jiuxianqiao area, there are 774 and 738 factories to be built at the same time with 718 United Factory. The completion of these three factories not only changed the face of Jiuxianqiao area, but also formed the beginning of great development in the history of China's electronic industry, which has been recorded in the history of China's electronic industry forever.

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