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Happy Valley in Beijing

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Beijing Happy Valley is a national AAAA level scenic spot, new Beijing sixteen scenic spots, Beijing Cultural and creative industry base, founded by overseas Chinese city group, and an international and modern theme park.
Happy Valley is located in the southeast corner of Sifang bridge, East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, covering an area of 560000 square meters. Among them, the first phase of the park covers an area of 540000 square meters and was officially opened on July 29, 2006. Phase II and phase III of the park respectively cover an area of 50000 square meters and 400000 square meters. The park consists of seven theme areas: fjord forest, Atlantis, lost Maya, Aegean port, Shangri La, dessert Kingdom and happy hour.
Beijing Happy Valley has set up more than 50 theme landscapes, more than 10 theme performances, more than 30 theme amusement facilities, more than 20 theme games and commercial auxiliary facilities, providing nearly 80 performances every day, which can meet the needs of different groups. It has won the honors of "top 100 enterprises with high growth in China's cultural and creative industry", "advanced group of capital tourism forbidden Cup" and "capital civilized tourism scenic spot".
On June 28, 2019, Shangri La District, phase V of Beijing Happy Valley, officially opened to the outside world, and the "Yarlung Zangbo River rafting" appeared in happy valley.
Chinese Name: Happy Valley Beijing location: Chaoyang District, Beijing climate type: temperate monsoon climate covers an area of 560000 square meters, opening hours: 8:30-22:00, scenic spot level: national AAAA level scenic spot ticket price: 260 yuan / person, famous scenic spot, fantastic Ocean Museum
Crystal Wings
Speed car
Snow area golden wing bus line Beijing Metro Line 7 suggested 1 day of travel time is the best season in spring and Autumn
Development history
On July 29, 2006, the Happy Valley in Beijing built by Shenzhen Overseas Chinese town group in four years officially opened, which consists of six theme areas, namely, fjord forest, Atlantis, lost Maya, Aegean port, Shangri La and ant kingdom.
On August 16, 2007, the large-scale dance drama "the golden face Dynasty" was officially performed, which is another innovative work of OCT Group after emerald, Oriental neon, eternal romance, endless joy and e show. It is also the first exploration of large-scale comprehensive Chinese show by the creation team. The play has made bold attempts in large-scale stage machinery, such as 360 degree turn over stage, flood outbreak on stage and other aspects. These technologies are the first in China.
In October 2007, the first International Magic Festival of happy valley opened in Beijing, and was held during the National Day every year. In addition to inviting magicians from all over the world to perform, visitors are also invited to participate in zero distance magic interaction.
On June 27, 2010, the "happy time zone" of Beijing Happy Valley phase II was fully opened to the outside world, introducing automobile culture into the theme park, including "happy wind and fire wheel", "x chariot", "Angel Wing", "surfer" and other large-scale amusement equipment with real racing experience, as well as "fast car convenience store", "wind and fire wheel convenience store", "angel wing convenience store", etc The theme store of car elements, the highest launching roller coaster in Beijing, the "fast car" has also officially opened.
On May 31, 2014, the third phase of Happy Valley in Beijing opened completely, spending 500 million yuan to create a 50000 square meter marine culture theme. An indoor theme venue "fantastic ocean Pavilion" and an indoor theme rafting "happy world" were launched. Meanwhile, the stunt sitcom "swallow and plum three" full of the charm of old Beijing was staged in the lost Maya district. After the opening of the third phase, Beijing Happy Valley divides the staff uniforms into 11 types and 26 types to carry out characteristic customization according to the types of work and the cultural background of the seven major theme areas, covering all posts in the management and service categories.
Beijing Happy Valley phase IV, the dessert Kingdom, which was put into trial operation during the Qingming period in 2018, was officially opened during the May 1st period. The area has invested 1 billion yuan to build, covering an area of nearly 100000 square meters, and has 13 amusement projects, including 100 performances and cultures, as well as joining the original domestic animation IP "cookie police chief".
Theme park
Beijing Happy Valley is composed of fjord forest, Aegean port, lost Maya, Shangri La, dessert Kingdom, Atlantis, happy time, seven cultural theme areas (in addition to the magic Ocean Museum and happy world theme rafting phase III project located in Aegean port). Through the theme cultural packaging and story interpretation, it has a variety of buildings, sculptures, gardens, murals, performances, amusement, etc The form shows the ecological environment and regional culture of the earth to the tourists. The park selects the world's classic civilization and creative wisdom, and sets up more than 50 theme landscapes, more than 10 theme performances, more than 30 theme amusement facilities, more than 20 theme games and commercial auxiliary facilities. More than 300000 square meters of greening and 80000 square meters of Lake provide happy valley with a good ecological environment; seven theme areas provide happy valley with humanistic qualities around the world; and it has double standards of international and domestic security detection, humanized service supporting and intelligent information system of the whole park.
Wild Fjord
The fjord forest is located at the entrance of the park. It has ecological forest, extreme sports field, overseas Chinese city theatre, overseas Chinese living art museum, theme shop "happy collection", "corner of dream", catering facilities "extreme commercial pavilion" and "a round of moon". Here is the park's important transport hub: buses, buses, private cars will stop here. Next to the entrance of the park, there are walking tools: the 19th century Ring Park small train and battery car.
Thematic landscape
Ecological forest: located in the ticketing area of happy square, it is a group of bionic architectural art composed of steel structure, which not only constructs

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