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Tsinghua University

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Tsinghua University, referred to as "Tsinghua", is directly under the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China and under the direct management of the central government. It ranks among the "211 Project", "985 Project", "world-class university and first-class discipline", and is selected into the "top student training and experiment plan of basic discipline", "innovation ability improvement plan of colleges and universities", "discipline innovation introduction of colleges and universities" Smart plan "is a member of the nine University Alliance, China University Presidents Association, Asian University Alliance, Pacific University Alliance, Tsinghua Cambridge MIT low carbon University Alliance, and is known as the" cradle of red engineers ".
Tsinghua School, the predecessor of Tsinghua University, was founded in 1911. Its name "Tsinghua" originates from The Place name of "Tsinghua garden", and it is a preparatory school for studying in the United States established by the Qing government. The fund for its establishment comes from part of the Boxer Indemnity returned by the United States in 1908. It was renamed Tsinghua School in 1912. It was renamed National Tsinghua University in 1928. After the outbreak of the Anti Japanese war in 1937, it moved south to Changsha, and established the national Changsha temporary university with the National Peking University and the private Nankai University. In 1938, it moved to Kunming and changed its name to the National Southwest United University. Moved back to Tsinghua garden in 1946. In 1949, when the people's Republic of China was founded, Tsinghua University entered a new stage of development. In 1952, after the adjustment of colleges and departments nationwide, it became a multi-disciplinary Industrial University. Since 1978, it has gradually recovered and developed into a comprehensive research university.
Shuimu Qinghua, Zhongling Yuxiu, Tsinghua University adheres to the motto of "self-improvement, moral integrity" and the school ethos of "conduct is better than words", adheres to the school running style of "integration of China and the west, connection between ancient and modern, cultural and scientific penetration" and the cultivation characteristics of "red, professional, and comprehensive development", and promotes the tradition of "patriotic dedication, pursuit of excellence" and the spirit of "humanity and daily innovation". It is just like the couplet in the I-shaped Hall of Qinghua Garden: "the mountain light outside the threshold, through spring, summer, autumn and winter, is extraordinary; the cloud shadow in the window, let the East, West, North and south, go to Dandang, Xun is the immortal residence".
Tsinghua University
Atlas of Tsinghua University (4)
General situation of the school
Essential information
Chinese name Tsinghua University foreign name Tsinghua University abbreviated to Tsinghua founded in 1911 type public university type comprehensive attribute 211 Project (selected in 1995)
985 Project (selected in 1998)
World class universities and disciplines (selected in 2017)
Training experiment plan for top students in basic subjects (selected in 2009)
The innovation ability improvement plan of colleges and universities (selected in 2013) launched
Property 211 Project (selected in 1995)
985 Project (selected in 1998)
World class universities and disciplines (selected in 2017)
Training experiment plan for top students in basic subjects (selected in 2009)
Innovation ability improvement plan of colleges and universities (selected in 2013)
Subject innovation and intelligence introduction program of colleges and universities (selected in 2006)
National Key Universities
Competent department: Qiu Yong, current principal of the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China
Secretary of the Party committee: Chen Xu, full-time academician, 51 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
39 academicians of Chinese Academy of engineering, 81 master's degree programs, 64 first level disciplines authorized
Academic degree authorization level II disciplines 2 doctoral programs academic degree authorization level I disciplines 57
One post doctoral research mobile station of academic degree authorization secondary discipline 48
Scientific research workstation: 3 national key disciplines, level 1 disciplines, 22 national key disciplines
Second level discipline: 15 national key disciplines (separate) departments have 20 colleges and 59 departments with motto of self-improvement. The address of the last Sunday of April every year is Tsinghua University School code 10003. There are 571 National Science and Technology Awards (up to 2018) End of year)
126 National Teaching Achievement Awards (by the end of 2018)
115 outstanding national Doctoral Dissertations (as of the end of 2018), well-known alumni Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Chen Ning Yang, Deng Jiaxian, etc.
Tsinghua historical garden
History of predecessors
I. Tsinghua School
In July 1909, the Qing government set up a tourism aesthetics office with a tourism University. In April 1911, the University was renamed Tsinghua University. On April 29, 1911, Tsinghua School opened in Tsinghua garden.
1. Establishment background
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In June 1900, the "eight powers allied forces" invaded China. In September 1901, the Qing government was forced to sign the Treaty of xinchou to compensate 450 million liang of silver, which was known as the "Boxer Indemnity". In 1904, the United States stated that the compensation received was "originally too much" and could be used for "refund of schooling". After many negotiations between China and the United States, it was decided in 1908 to refund the education related matters. In 1906, James, President of the University of Illinois, wrote a paragraph in the memorandum to the president of the United States, which reflected the real purpose of American refund Education: "we must now be able to use the most perfect and ingenious way to control the development of China - that is to say, use the way to dominate Chinese leaders in terms of knowledge and spirit." "It is more reliable for business to follow spiritual domination than to follow the flag."
2. Establishment of tourism aesthetics Office
In July 1909, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of education of the Qing Government jointly set up the tourism aesthetics office, with the attached Tourism University, to send students to study in the United States.
From 1909 to 1911, the tourism aesthetics office sent three groups of 180 students to study in the United States, including Mei Yiqi, Hu Shi, Zhao Yuanren, Zhu Kezhen, Hu Gangfu, etc.

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