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Green hills

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-17 13:29

Lvyin villa is the only high-end villa project in Zhangmutou town, which is located in Baoshan ecological area of Zhangmutou Nancheng new area. This area is the central area of noble life newly planned by the government. The Zhangmutou Avenue South of the project is connected with Longlin expressway, which can reach Shenzhen and Dongguan in 30 minutes, Boshen Expressway and Guanguan Expressway in three years, Tangxia in 6 minutes, and Shitong in eight ways Da.

The transportation, entertainment, shopping and leisure around Windsor Castle are very convenient. In the southwest, it is close to Baoshan Forest Park, the Baoshan mountain range and forest park covering an area of more than 20000 mu, and Zhangmutou slokeng reservoir, the first-class ecological resource. The original ecological environment and air are the most suitable for people to live in, and the rare natural environment is rare.


Project introduction

Lvyin Windsor Castle covers an area of about 240000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 290000 square meters and a greening rate of up to 52%. The overall planning of the project adopts a staggered distribution, creating a staggered castle on the slope valley. The architectural style of the villa is European style, and the architectural form is mainly built on the slope. The lowest altitude of the mountain is 22.5 meters, and the highest is 47 meters. Each villa building is based on the original terrain Built on the mountain, slope architecture is a kind of architectural form that represents the original ecology.

supporting facilities

Primary and secondary schools: Zhangmutou Central Primary School and Zhangmutou middle school

Kindergarten: Community Kindergarten

Comprehensive Mall: PARKnSHOP department store, Tianhe department store and Jiahua department store

Hospital: Shixin hospital, Zhangmutou people's Hospital

Post office: Zhangyang post office

Bank: China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China

Vegetable market: Nancheng agricultural trade market, Zhangyang Market

Private club, hilltop club, artificial lake, Mountaineering Road, hilltop Park, business center, etc


There are No.23 and No.11 buses in the town, Baoshan Road in the south, Zhangmu Avenue in the East, Longlin expressway, Guanshen Expressway (Longlin expressway will be changed to Longshan Expressway), Boshen Expressway and congguan expressway within three years. Zhangmutou Avenue connects Hongye North Road 6 minutes to Tangxia!

Related information

Floor area: 320000 square meters

Building area: 450000 square meters

Additional information of property management: single house: 4.0 yuan / m2 / month; townhouse: 3.7 yuan / m2 / month

Developer: Dongguan Zhangmutou Real Estate Development Corporation, Dongguan Lefu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

Investor: Lefu real estate property management company: Dongguan Liangfa property

Construction unit: Zhanjiang Yuexi Construction Engineering Company

Landscape Designer: Singapore Parkview Landscape Design Co., Ltd

Architectural Designer: Shenzhen ZHUBO Engineering Design Co., Ltd

Integrated promotion company: Yupeng interactive communication agency

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