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Laoshe Memorial Hall

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Laoshe Memorial Hall is located in No.19 courtyard, fufu alley, Dengshikou West Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. It used to be the former residence of Laoshe, i.e. "Danshi courtyard". It is an old-fashioned courtyard in Beijing. The small black gate faces east from the West. The entrance is a small courtyard, with only two South rooms and a courtyard facing west. It was officially opened on February 1, 1999.
Chinese Name: Lao She Memorial Hall foreign name: Memorial Museum of Lao She alias: Lao She former residence telephone area code: 010 postal area code: 100000 geographic location: courtyard 19, fufu alley, Dengshikou West Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, climate conditions: 300 square meters, north temperate monsoon climate famous scenic spot: Danshi courtyard opening hours: 9:00-16:00 (rest on Monday) opening time of AAA scenic spot level: February 1, 1999 free ticket price: black glazed sunflower wine pot
Practical information
Ticket information
Free Admission
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-16:00
Best season
Four seasons are all acceptable.
Suggest playing
1 hours
Historical evolution
Former residence formation
On December 9, 1949, at the invitation of Premier Zhou Enlai, Lao she returned to Tianjin from the United States and arrived in Beijing two days later, where she was received by Premier Zhou. In April 1950, Lao she purchased a common quadrangle, the site of today's Lao She memorial hall, located at No. 10, Fengsheng alley (No. 19, today's fufu alley) in the east city. Mr. Lao She has lived and worked here for 16 years. He has received Premier Zhou Enlai and the last emperor Puyi several times. He has also received many cultural celebrities such as Bajin, Caoyu and Zhao Shuli. He has written 24 works such as Longxugou, teahouse, Fang Zhu and Zhenghong banner.
On May 12, 1984, the people's Government of Beijing announced Lao She's former residence as the third batch of cultural relics protection units in Beijing.
Renovation of former residence
In 1994, Mrs. Lao She and her daughter wrote a letter to Chen Xitong, Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, and Li Qiyan, mayor of Beijing, proposing to donate the former residence of Lao She, together with some of the calligraphy, paintings and antiques collected by Lao She to the country, and Hu Yunqing was willing to donate her own artistic works to the country.
In July 1997, Lao She's family donated Lao She's former residence to the state.  The donation handover ceremony was held in Beijing municipal government, attended by Jia Qinglin, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and other municipal leaders, Shan Jixiang, director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of cultural relics, and Hu Yunqing, wife of Lao She, and her children.
In 1998, Beijing Municipal Bureau of cultural relics carried out the restoration of the former residence.
Four months after its closure in 2014, the Lao She memorial was reopened to the public on August 19, 2014.
A letter from Ba Jin to Hu Yunqing in his later years
A letter from Bing Xin to Hu Yunqing in his later years
A letter from Zang Kejia to Hu Yunqing in his later years
Lin Fengmian's painting of wild geese array in water and ink
Silk ground in non dark color peony axis
Black glazed sunflower wine pot
Hardwood small Kang Table
The origin of the Memorial Hall
On May 18, 1998, the "preparation office for Lao She's former residence" was established, and the first preparation meeting for Lao She's memorial hall was held on June 4, 1998. Then we went into the intense preparation work.
On October 24, 1998, the general office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the general office of the State Council approved "the reconstruction of Lao She's former residence into Lao She Memorial Hall".
On February 1, 1999, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Lao She's birth, Lao She memorial hall was officially opened to the public.
Laoshe Memorial Hall external display content: original home display (Beijing Quadrangle), Laoshe's life and creation exhibition.
Other related
Wang Zhi Hong
Fufu alley is located in Donghuamen District, Dongcheng District. It is the second lane from west to East in the north of Dengshikou West Street. It connects dacaochang alley and Dengshikou West Street from north to south, with a length of more than 170 meters. In the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, it was called "kite Hutong" and "Fengsheng Hutong" in the Xuantong period. In 1965, when The Place names were reorganized, it was renamed "Fengsheng Hutong" because of the same name as "Fengsheng Hutong" in the Xicheng District.
There is No. 19 Fusheng Hutong and No. 10 Fusheng Hutong in the old times. On the west side of the south entrance of the Hutong, there is a two-way quadrangle, covering an area of 500 square meters. On the east side of the street door is a "small gate building" with the wall ①. On the inside of the street door is a "one character screen wall" built to the south of the Nanshan wall of the East Chamber of Liyuan, which blocks the two doors leading to the Liyuan. On the south side of the street door are two South rooms, which are the outer courtyard. The second gate is built between the south room and the East Room of Liyuan. There are three North rooms in Liyuan, one ear room on both sides of the north room, three East and two South rooms respectively. Although the roof of the house in the yard is a clean water ridge with tiles, the wall is not a clean water wall from the whole brick to the top, but a wall called "four corners hard, chessboard center". That is to say, the upper and lower sides of the wall are made of whole bricks, and the middle part is a broken brick wall covered with ash.
The specification and layout of the courtyard revealed that its original owner should be a well-off family with certain cultural taste. The walls of small gate, small courtyard, small gate building and "four corners hard" reveal that the owner is not a high-ranking official and rich man, neither worthy of showing off social status, nor more money. The courtyard can only be adapted to local conditions. However, the layout of the courtyard is standard and even ingenious.
The second gate is built in the southeast corner of the Liyuan, occupying the "Xun" position of the Liyuan; the street gate is built in the north of the east wall of the waiyuan, taking the waiyuan as an independent courtyard view facing the East and occupying the "Xun" position, which is called the rule of law. "Xun", one of the eight trigrams, is wood, wind, and the shape of the trigram is; it is located in the southeast, which means late spring, which means auspicious. "Xun" position opening is a real example in Beijing Quadrangle. The outer courtyard is narrow and long. There are only two South rooms in the southeast. However, the two South rooms in the inner courtyard occupy the northwest of the outer courtyard, making people suspect that they are the North rooms of the outer courtyard.

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