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Lao She's former residence

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The former residence of Lao She is located at No.19, fufu alley, Dengshikou West Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Lao she lived in ten places before and after the liberation of Beijing, nine before and one after the liberation. No. 10, Fengsheng alley, Naizi mansion (No. 19, Fengsheng alley, West Dengshikou street today) is The Place where he lived after liberation. Until his death, Mr. Lao She has lived here for the longest time, up to 16 years, with the most brilliant achievements in life.
Location of Laoshe's former residence in Dongcheng District, Beijing climate type temperate monsoon climate opening hours Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-16:00 free tickets, voice guided tour 10 yuan, deposit 100 yuan famous scenic spot Laoshe Memorial Hall country China City Beijing suitable for playing season all year round
Brief introduction of former residence
Xiaoyangquan Hutong (now xiaoyangjia hutong) 8
It is the birthplace of Mr. Lao She. There are many art works reflecting Lao She's former residence, most famous of which is the former residence of Lao She by the national first-class artist, the first person to draw the former residence of Chinese celebrities and the famous painter Mr. thumb.
Mr. Lao She "was born in Beijing, grew up in Beijing and died in Beijing. He has written about Beijing all his life. Lao She is inseparable from Beijing. Without Beijing, there would be no Lao She." Lao she lived in ten places before and after the liberation of Beijing, including nine before the liberation and one after the liberation: xiaoyangquan Hutong (now xiaoyangjia hutong) 8 is his birthplace, Beijing Normal School (now Yuquan hutong), 17th primary school (now Fangjia Hutong primary school), yijiaosi apartment, Xishan Wofo temple, Xizhimen children's library, gangwa Christian Church, education Hui (now Beichang Street Primary School) and Yantong alley 6 (now ming9) are the nine places that lived before liberation. No. 10, Fengsheng alley, Naizi mansion (No. 19, Fengsheng alley, West Dengshikou street today) is a place where he lived for a long time after liberation. Until his death, Mr. Lao she lived here for the longest time and achieved the most brilliant achievements in his life.
The former residence of Lao She, where the memorial hall is located, is a cultural relic protection unit announced by the Beijing Municipal People's Government in 1987. That is to say, after Mr. Lao she returned from the United States in 1950, he paid his own money to buy a common courtyard located at No. 10, Fengsheng alley, naizfu, Dongcheng District, Beijing As the former residence of Laoshe, a cultural relic protection unit in Beijing, it is an ordinary quadrangle in Beijing, with hard mountain and purlin, pure wood structure and compact layout. The main gate faces east and West. The grey tile gate is decorated with black paint. The first thing you see when you enter the door is a brick screen wall with a big red Fu character in the center. It's a small courtyard, only two rooms in the south, which is the gatehouse; there's a long and narrow courtyard in the west, which is the house of Shuyi, the son of Lao She; there's a courtyard in the north, which is the main part of the former residence. The first thing I saw was a colorful wooden screen wall. The main room in the courtyard was three rooms in the north, with one ear room on each side. The living room is between the Ming Dynasty and the West times, the bedroom is between the East times and the study of Lao She is in the West ear room. Facing the east gate, the desk can take the books embedded in the bookcase on the wall as soon as it turns around. The desk is made of hardwood and marble. There are several cultural relics on it: a seal carved by Qi Baishi for him, a jade printing box given by general Feng Yuxiang to him, an inkstone by Li Yu, a Qing Dynasty opera theorist, with "Liweng Liyu calligraphy and painting inkstone". There are also glasses, pens, ink bottles, ashtrays, lamps, radios and calendars that Lao She used before she died. In this small room, Lao she wrote the famous drama "Fang Zhu", "Longxugou", "teahouse", "looking to Chang'an in the west" and "family happiness", as well as 23 Works "Shenquan" in memory of her father. In addition, there are a large number of Quyi, prose, poetry, papers, essays and unfinished autobiographical novel Zhenghong banner. In the living room, there are sofa, table, bench and Duobao Pavilion. In the south, there are various bonsai and potted flowers on the windowsill and tea table facing the sun. On the west wall hung the calligraphy and paintings that Lao She liked, which were presented by famous Chinese painters. According to Hu Yunqing, Lao She's wife, it turns out that these calligraphy and paintings are changed every few days. Every time they are changed, Lao She always looks at them carefully for half a day. Here, Lao She has received many famous artists and friends from home and abroad There are three rooms in the East and west respectively. The east room is for Lao She's daughter, and the west room is for dining In the spring of 1954, Mr. Lao she planted two persimmon trees in his yard. In late autumn, persimmon trees are decorated with red persimmons, which is not poetic. Therefore, Hu Qingmei's name is "Danshi yard"
Mr. Lao she lived in at least 100 places before he was 50, but his home is not very large.
After the July 7th incident, Mr. Lao She moved to the East and to the West. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, a man lived in the United States for four years. In 1949, Lao she returned to his hometown Beijing from the United States, and his family also returned to Beijing from Chongqing for reunion. The government temporarily arranged him in the Beijing hotel. I opened a room where I could eat, live and write. Once Mr. Lao she ran into Premier Zhou and asked if he could afford to buy a small house privately. He could bear other things, but he couldn't make noise and write anything. Premier Zhou's answer without hesitation is certainly OK.

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