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Marigold tulip garden

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Jinzhan tulip garden in Beijing is located in the north of the east of Beijing and the southwest of the capital airport, covering an area of 26 hectares. The garden is divided into production area and flower viewing area. There are two inflatable greenhouse greenhouses in the production area, which mainly produce and cultivate famous, special, excellent, new and seasonal flowers. Tulips of different varieties are mainly planted in Huaben viewing area, and there are also a certain proportion of trees, shrubs and lawns, mainly including Pinus tabulaeformis, cedar, Paulownia, Fatong, spruce, Magnolia, Begonia, honeysuckle, forsythia, etc.
Chinese Name: Jinzhan tulip garden foreign name: Jinzhan tulip garden geographical location: North East of Beijing time of establishment: August 1998, the garden covers an area of 26 hectares, highlights of the scenic spot: Jinzhan tulip garden holds flower exhibition all the year round
Introduction to scenic spots
Tulip garden is located in the west of the north section of Dongwei Road, Jinzhan township, Chaoyang District, 14km away from Dongzhimen and 6km away from the capital airport. Founded in August 1998, the park covers an area of 26 hectares. Because Jinzhan town is near the Wenyu River, with fresh air and beautiful environment, it is a clean and pollution-free land in the outskirts of Beijing. The tulip garden built here has become an ideal place for urban citizens to have a holiday outing.
Tulip Garden held four large flower exhibitions throughout the year - tulip flower exhibition, lotus exhibition, Chrysanthemum Exhibition, plum blossom exhibition, and carried out science education butterfly exhibition, dog exhibition, cruise ship and other activities. At the same time, you can enjoy more than 30 leisure and entertainment projects including swimming, bowling, 4D cinema, sauna, etc. There are Chinese restaurants, iron pot stews, fast-food restaurants and many other catering services in the park. Tourists can enjoy hot spring bath, massage, chess and ball games entertainment while staying.
Jinzhan tulip garden is located in the northeast of Beijing, the southwest end of the capital airport, 12 kilometers away from Dongzhimen and 6 kilometers away from the capital airport. The park can be divided into three areas according to its functions: first, the production area, with two inflatable greenhouse greenhouses, mainly producing and cultivating special, bright, excellent and anti season flowers.  2. In the flower viewing area, tulip garden plants more than 1 million tulip seed balls every year, with more than 100 kinds. 3. The catering service area is dominated by the new Tulip Hotel and equipped with facilities such as open-air coffee shop. The new hotel has three floors, which is European style. Based on the traditional functions of catering and accommodation, it is equipped with hot springs, surfing, bathing, karaoke and other entertainment facilities. And with windmills, waterways, cruise ships, Lake Island, suspension bridge, Bird Garden and other Dutch style facilities, to show the European style garden scenery.
Six European style pavilions, platforms, buildings and pavilions have been built in tulip garden. It has European style characteristics. All kinds of tulip flowers in the garden are always in bloom, attracting tourists.
The park covers an area of 200 mu for greening and planting flowers and trees, 37.5 mu for water surface, 15 mu for protective land and plastic greenhouse, 22.5 mu for ornamental bird garden, 60 mu for parking, 30 mu for recreational water, 252 guest rooms, 13.5 mu for dining room, 4.5 mu for dining room, 15 mu for scenic road, 37.5 mu for water surface and 37.5 mu for well, irrigation and drainage  Shi Qibei. More than 500 tourists are normally received on weekdays. The total number of employees in the park is 479, including 449 front-line employees, including 70 service personnel in the park.
There is a free shuttle bus from Dongzhimen to the garden, which is convenient for guests to visit.
Highlights of scenic spots
There is a flower show in Calendula tulip garden all the year round.
Tulip exhibition in spring
The tulip garden is modeled on the model of Keukenhof Park in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The purpose is to build a tulip theme park. Every year, the garden introduces nearly one million tulip bulbs from the Netherlands for land planting.  More than 100 tulip varieties have been introduced. For example, the famous black tulip "night queen", "Miss Holland", "golden Apollo" and other varieties can be seen in our garden. Every spring, tulips compete and open in the designed patterns, which are colorful.
Summer lotus Exhibition
There are only a few parks that can hold large-scale exhibitions of aquatic plants and flowers in Beijing and even in China. Tulip garden holds a lotus Exhibition for two months every summer, which provides a good place for people in the capital to cool down, enjoy the flowers and cool down in the hot summer. Our garden has 130 kinds of pond lotus, basin lotus, bowl lotus, 30 kinds of cold lotus, and 20 kinds of aquatic plants such as Dali flower, water taro, flower leaf reed, etc. Such as Cruz tropical lotus, Hongtai lotus, thousand petal lotus and other precious varieties can be seen in our garden.
Autumn chrysanthemum Exhibition
Using advanced production technology, our garden opened chrysanthemums in November two months ahead of schedule and in October. Every year, nearly 400000 pots of chrysanthemum are exhibited in the Chrysanthemum Exhibition, including 130 kinds of big flower boutique chrysanthemum, 8 varieties of winter chrysanthemum used for grafting, and 12 varieties of national day small chrysanthemum. The artistic chrysanthemum in the shape of Pan Long, peacock, Erlong and so on are lifelike, and the dahlia with more than 4000 flowers can be produced. Jinqiuju exhibition in our garden is a large review of chrysanthemum varieties and a stage for chrysanthemum plastic arts.
Winter plum blossom Exhibition
It's freezing in winter, so there are few opportunities to watch flowers. Our garden uses advanced technology to make the plum blossom which should blossom in March open in the greenhouse during the Spring Festival. It makes people have a good place to play during the Spring Festival. During the plum blossom exhibition, you can see precious plum blossom ancient pile bonsai, beauty plum, flower branch plum and Longyou plum. There are up to 120 plum varieties on display each time.

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