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Silicified wood National Geopark

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The silicified wood World Geopark is a World Geopark, a popular science education base in Beijing and a geological heritage protection area in Beijing. It is located on both sides of the Baihe River in the northeast of Yanqing City, about 100 kilometers away from the city.
Chinese Name: Silicified wood National Geopark is located in the northeast of Yanqing City, Beijing. It's open Monday to Sunday (08:30-16:30) for the main scenic spots: Wooden stone group, 30 yuan
Introduction to scenic spots
Beijing Yanqing silicified wood National Park is located on both sides of the White River in Yanshan cluster in the northeast of Yanqing County, the "summer capital".  In spring, the mountain flowers are blooming, the peaks are green in midsummer, the fruits and fruits are fragrant in autumn, and in winter, they are covered in silver.  She showed the world the magnificence and charming charm of nature with her majestic spirit. The park has excellent ecology, green mountains and rivers, beautiful environment, cool and pleasant climate: the annual average temperature is 8.4 ℃, which is a unique tourist area in the capital.
The park starts from Yanshan Tianchi in the West and ends at Dishuihu in the East, with a total length of 26 kilometers and a width of about 6-8 kilometers from the south to the north. It contains five scenic spots, including the wood stone group, Dishuihu, Wulong Canyon, Yanshan Tianchi and Yunlong mountain, with a total area of 226 square kilometers. It is adjacent to Huairou in the East, Badaling Great Wall in the south, Longqing gorge in the West and Bashang grassland in the north.  It is 30km away from Yanqing city and 100km away from Beijing city.
Yanqing silicified wood is mainly distributed on both sides of the Baihe River near xiadelongwan village, Qianjiadian town. It is produced in the Jurassic volcanic basin 140 million years ago. It is the largest in-situ buried, in-situ produced and in-situ displayed silicified wood group in North China. Silicified wood, also known as "wood fossil", is a valuable object to study paleogeology, ancient plants and paleontology. Shen Kuo, a scientist of the Northern Song Dynasty, recorded in the book of Mengxi graphology that "thousands of miles away from the Bohai Sea, pine turned into stone", which was confirmed by Qian Weichang. The large area, large quantity and strange shape of the wooded rocks here are not only rare in China, but also in the world. In addition, the green pine, red apricot, White River and cooking smoke around her constitute a beautiful and pleasant natural scenery.
Within the park, there are 5 scenic spots (small Kunlun geological science popularization area, geological park center area, Wulong Canyon geological and hydrological tourism area, Yanshan Tianchi leisure and holiday area, and datan ecological demonstration area) and many geological, cultural and natural landscapes. It is the only national geological park with typical, rare and precious silicified wood groups as the main body.
In the central area of the Geopark, 57 woodfossils have been excavated, which are distributed in the marine sedimentary sand shale on both sides of the Baihe River.  These wood fossils are the important basis for the study of paleogeography and paleoclimate evolution in the Mesozoic Geological History of North China.
Essential information
Name: silicified wood National Geopark
Address: Qianjiadian Town, Yanqing District
Opening hours: Monday - Sunday (08:30 - 16:30)
The formation of silicified wood
Silicified wood, also known as "stone tree", is a product of the late Middle Jurassic. 140 million years ago, the climate here was warm and the tall trees were luxuriant. Because of the volcanic eruption and the sudden fracture of the stratum, the plants were buried in the ground. After a long period of petrifaction, the organic matter in the wood was replaced by the siliceous ore in the ground water, and through the crustal movement such as the stratum uplifting, the organic matter in the wood was replaced by the siliceous ore in the ground water Some wood fossils are pushed out of the ground, thus forming silicified wood. Shen Kuo, a scientist in the Northern Song Dynasty, recorded that "a thousand miles away from the Bohai Sea, the Song Dynasty became a stone".
Scenic spot
Yanshan Tianchi
It is an artificial reservoir built on the main stream of the White River, with an altitude of 601 meters. It is the highest water body in Beijing, and has the reputation of "high gorge and flat Lake". It is located on the Baihebao volcano sedimentary basin, surrounded by rolling mountains, vast water surface, surrounded by forest belt, quiet environment, with a total storage capacity of 100 million cubic meters and an area of 5 million square meters. It is responsible for water replenishment and regulation for Miyun reservoir, Guanting reservoir and Shisanling reservoir. In the process of water replenishment for Miyun reservoir, it meanders through the Geopark for 30 kilometers, creating a "piece of Park"  Mulberry fields are picturesque, and the paintings on both sides are hard to draw.
Teapot scenic spot
The name of "Dishuihu" comes from the Taoist theory of "fanghu Dongtian". In addition, there are three springs in the scenic area, which is also the origin of its name. Lingxu waterfalls, bead curtains turned upside down, the sound of water roared in midsummer, just like flowing gold and pouring jade; ice waterfalls flying in winter, just like jade trees and silver flowers, in the holes covered by water curtains, white stalagmites, upside down stalactites, sky curtains and crystal clear stone belts make people dizzy, forming a typical karst landscape in North Beijing. "Three halls in the north of the central China" records: "visitors enjoy pleasant eyes and heart. They are miserable and have cold bones. Although there are three layers of Kuang Lu and nine dragons with wild geese, they are not enough to let the strange and weird things go. They are called pots, which are also called square pots and cave heaven. They are in the realm of immortals.". Today's Li Zixing's words "like a dream, heaven pot waterfall" say: after rain, rainbow smoke trees, green water and green mountain detour. The grass reflects the slanting sun and the cliff falls.  Waterfalls, waterfalls, shaking dangerous rock curtain. " In order to provide tourists with satisfactory and thoughtful tourism services, there are also residential rooms in the scenic area, which can accommodate 100 guests; restaurants in the scenic area can accommodate 120 guests at the same time; in addition, there are singing and dancing halls, chess and card rooms and other entertainment places, as well as boating, rainbow trout fishing, bonfire baking and other entertainment projects.

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