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Badaling National Forest Park

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Beijing Badaling National Forest Park is located between Badaling and Juyongguan of the Great Wall, with a total area of 44000 mu, the highest altitude of 1238 meters, 539 species of plants, 158 species of animals and a greening rate of 96%. It is the first ecological public welfare forest zone in China that has passed FSC International certification.
The main scenic spots of the park are hongyeling scenic area, Qinglong Valley Scenic Area, Dingxiang Valley Scenic Area and Shixia scenic area. Red leaves reflect the great wall and Wanglong series of scenic spots are the best landscape of the park, and there are other high-value and unique landscape resources such as lilac, apricot flower, pear flower, etc.
Beijing Badaling National Forest Park covers a total area of 44000 mu. It is a national geographic area. The climate between Badaling and Juyongguan is continental monsoon climate. The level of scenic spot is AAA. The price of tickets is 35.00 yuan. The opening time is 08:00 ~ 18:30
Location context
Badaling National Forest Park is located in Yanqing County, Beijing. It is adjacent to Huairou in the East, Changping in the south, Huailai County and Chicheng County in Hebei Province in the West and North. Geographic coordinates: N40 ° 20 ′ 46.01 ″ n E116 ° 0 ′ 52.20 ″ E.
geographical environment
topographic features
The terrain of Beijing is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The West Mountain belongs to Taihang Mountains in the West and Jundu mountain belongs to Yanshan Mountains in the north and northeast. The highest mountain is Dongling Mountain in Mentougou District, West Beijing. The lowest ground is the southeast boundary of Tongzhou District.
Climatic environment
Beijing's climate is a typical north temperate semi humid continental monsoon climate, with high temperature and rainy in summer, cold and dry in winter, and short in spring and autumn. The frost free period of the whole year is 180-200 days, and the western mountainous area is relatively short. The average rainfall in 2007 is 483.9mm, which is one of the areas with the most rainfall in North China.  The seasonal distribution of precipitation is very uneven, 80% of the annual precipitation is concentrated in June, July and August in summer, and there is heavy rain in July and August.
The annual average solar radiation in Beijing is 112-136 kcal / cm. The two high value areas are respectively distributed in Yanqing Basin and the northwest of Miyun County to the east of Huairou, with an annual radiation of more than 135 kcal / cm; the low value area is located near Xiayunling, Fangshan District, with an annual radiation of 112 kcal / cm. The annual average sunshine hours in Beijing are between 2000 and 2800 hours. The maximum value is more than 2800 hours in Yanqing County and Gubeikou, and the minimum value is 2063 hours in Xiayunling. During the rainy season in summer, the sunshine hours are reduced, and the monthly sunshine is about 230 hours; although the sunshine hours in autumn are not more than in spring, they are more than in summer, with the monthly sunshine of 230-245 hours; winter is the season with the least sunshine hours in a year, with the monthly sunshine less than 200 hours, generally 170-190 hours.
Resource situation
Forest resources
Badaling National Forest Park has more than 50000 mangrove trees (huangbi), the largest natural clove forest in North China (more than 700 mu), and a large natural wild pear forest in Qinglong valley scenic area.
Animal resources
There are 158 kinds of animals in the park, including squirrels, hares, pheasants, boars, roe deer, raccoon birds, crows with big mouths, red magpies with blue mouths, little owls, shrikes and kestrels.
Main attractions
Wang Longtai
This is the best place to see the great wall of Badaling. It is known as "if you want to know the true face of the Great Wall, you must go to the side peak of Canglong; if you don't go to the Great Wall, you must go to the peak and look at the heroes!"  The saying. The park entrance is 745 meters away.
Colorful forest
In autumn, the most colorful place. Among the colorful colors, the most dazzling one is the yellow one, which makes people intoxicated. In autumn, the most beautiful one is Yuanbaofeng, which is golden and becomes a treasury; leaves cover the forest land, making the whole mountain forest become a treasure land.  With the change of seasons and the growth process, the basic tone of red and yellow evolves into bright and colorful autumn world such as bright red, pink, light yellow and orange yellow. 800 meters from the park entrance.
Yuanbaofeng (commonly known as Wujiaofeng) is named after its fruit is similar to Yuanbao. Under the yellow and red Wujiaofeng leaves, there are "Yuanbao"; under the autumn sun, the maple forest presents a beautiful, mature and warm environment, which makes people intoxicated. 795 meters from the park.
Lunar platform
Surrounded by the remnant Great Wall, the side of the body is covered with forest and the mountains are red, as if in a thick and colorful picture. When the moon is full, when the wine is in the air, it feels like a fairyland in Qiongtai, and the jade rabbit is within reach, so he sighs, "I wish people would last a long time and share the beauty of the moon for thousands of miles.". 1900 meters from the park entrance.
The tourist walkway is named after the Yellow forest, the leaves of which are red and red in autumn. On the forest path, red leaves meet each other. The breeze blows and the red waves wave. It's like walking on a beautiful path, which makes people feel more passionate and ambitious. The Great Wall on the side of the road is silent, which makes people linger and forget to return. It's a worthwhile trip indeed. 920m from the park entrance.
Here, the red leaves are burning and dazzling, and the flow of red is overflowing, reflecting the wall of the ancient Great Wall red. In the light of cross phase, the rigid Great Wall is mixed with a lot of soft and beautiful breath, and the beautiful Yellow River is even more colorful and charming. This beautiful landscape has been chanted and yearned for by many scholars and poets since ancient times. 1350 meters from the entrance of the park.
Finger citron Valley
There are five ridges extending around the valley like an open Buddha's hand. Visitors here are standing in the palm of the Buddha's hand. Looking up the mountain, you can see that the forest is like a brocade surrounded by clouds. It has a poetic charm, like "thousands of fairies wash their faces and pour Rouge here.".

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