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Dragon Ridge Town

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Longji town is a national AAA tourist attraction.
Longji tourist town is the "South Gate" of Longsheng and the market town of the famous Longji scenic spot. The characteristic block of Longji tourist town is a block that integrates the local customs of Longsheng ethnic minority. There are a series of buildings integrating the architectural styles of Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang and Han. Stone road, green brick wall, wooden stilted building, Dong Drum Tower with distinctive features, ancient Wind and rain Bridge, unique stage, arts, leisure, culture and entertainment holy land of praying along the river make Longji street full of rich local characteristics and regional cultural personality. When night falls, a unique pepper lamp lights up, and the lights of thousands of homes glow. The neon outlines the shape of Longji Town, forming a beautiful night scene, which makes people linger.
In terms of business form, the characteristic block of Longji town has inherited the traditional culture of Longsheng ethnic minority and fully explored the characteristic commodities of Longsheng to settle here. In the characteristic street, you can taste the special snacks such as Longji aged rice wine, Longji Ciba, Longji oil tea, etc., appreciate the exquisite pure handmade Yao costumes, silver ornaments, etc., and buy agricultural products such as Longji tea, Longji chili, Longsheng bamboo shoots, etc.
Therefore, the characteristic block of Longji town is a tourism characteristic block suitable for living, business, business and tourism.
Historical vicissitude
In the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, Heping Street was called "kuliuzhai" and there lived eight PanYao compatriots. The village site is in the area of today's health center. Later, due to a fire, the whole village houses turned to ashes. Yao's village moved to miaoping. Hundreds of years later, the Zhuang people with the surname Hou moved into the coolie village again.
In the Ming Dynasty, Longsheng was under the jurisdiction of Yining County. A patrol inspection department (sangjiangkou) was set up in Siping Village (now Siping Village, Wantian township) in the north-west of the county to govern the general politics in the northwest of Yining County. At the end of Ming Dynasty, SangJiang division was eliminated. At the end of Shunzhi period of Qing Dynasty, SangJiang division was rebuilt, and the administration was located in kuliuzhai.
In the early Ming Dynasty, Yining County set up a salt bureau in kuliuzhai to manage salt. Nearby Zhuang people often go to the salt shop of kuliuzhai to buy salt, which is called "kuliuzhai" as "salt Ya". After the SangJiang patrol inspection department moved to kuliuzhai, Yan Ya became a "government Ya" with officials, so kuliuzhai was renamed "government Ya". However, to this day, the Zhuang compatriots in the peaceful area still call the "government yam" the "salt yam".
Before the founding of the people's Republic of China, Li, Yang and Zhou businessmen of the Han nationality from Lingchuan County came to the government to do business, and turned the health center into a commercial street around the primary school. They sold food, cloth, daily necessities, and purchased brown skin, tea, tung oil, tea oil and other mountain products. Their business activities were more active. In the early years of the Republic of China, it was also agreed that the first, fourth and seventh of each month in the lunar calendar would be the entrance to the market of "Guanya Street". Guanya market is the only market in Longsheng County.
In 1953, "Guanya Street" was renamed "Heping Street". The market day is changed to the first, fourth and seventh day of the lunar calendar. June 24 of the lunar calendar is the period of the farmers' trade association in Heping Street. On this day of the meeting, the material exchange was very prosperous, and the rich and colorful cultural and sports activities were even more lively.
"Dragon" is a magical animal worshipped by the Chinese nation. Externally, we call ourselves the descendants of the dragon.
In Chengbu County, Hunan Province, there is a mountain head that looks like a "dragon head". A geographical gentleman surnamed Zheng thought, "if there is a head, there must be a tail." where is the dragon tail? In the first year of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, the good geographer took three of his apprentices, used a compass to orient them, and followed the "dragon vein" all the way. One day, four of them came to Guanya street, and the compass was fixed. They did not care about the long journey of Lawton, immediately climbed the opposite hill, look down, ah! It's beautiful! A "dragon tail" appeared in front of the small river crossing the street. Since then, the reputation of "the dragon head is in the city step, and the dragon tail is in the government office" has been widely praised among the people.
Chinese and foreign tourists, after you have visited the beautiful terrace of Longji and tasted the unique water, wine and delicacies of Zhuang family, don't forget to stay in Longji Street (formerly Heping Street) for a night. Maybe, your rest in Longwei will bring you endless happiness in your life.
Source: Longsheng Tourism Bureau

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