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Paifang ecological folk village

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 Paifangtun, Lisha village, Sishui Township, Longsheng Autonomous County is located on the golden line of tourism between Longsheng and hot spring, 6km away from the county seat and 26km away from the hot spring, with convenient transportation. In the 19th year of Guangxu's reign in the Qing Dynasty, in recognition of Deng Tang's benevolence and loyalty to love, when she died at the age of 100, the emperor decreed that Paifang should be set up. The "longevity model, Emperor's commendation" and "Paifang" came from this. At present, there are 132 people in 30 households in the whole village. There are five ethnic groups of Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang and Han living here. They have mutual respect and love, harmonious relations, ethnic unity and social harmony. It is a typical ethnic unity demonstration village in Longsheng Autonomous County.

Paifang has a beautiful environment with green mountains and waters. It is a natural, peaceful, leisure, elegant and primitive ecology. Simple village gate, neat and clean cobblestone path, one by one built on the mountain, unique national charm of wooden stilts. There is a string of red lanterns hanging under the eaves. The environment in front of the house and behind the house is comfortable. The grass and trees contrast each other. The rivers in front of the village are meandering. It shows that the environment in front of the house and behind the house is comfortable. The grass and trees contrast each other and the rivers in front of the village are meandering. Beautiful and tidy villages, simple and enthusiastic villagers, one by one under the sunshine of the policy of strengthening agriculture and enriching the people, the village is clean and tidy, the villagers live a rich life, the people are simple and honest, harmonious and civilized picture is reflected in front of everyone now, showing a prosperous scene of the new socialist countryside. Paifang attracts a large number of tourists to eat, live and enjoy farmhouses, turning the resource advantage into an economic advantage. The Fengji cuiya raised by villagers, the fruits and vegetables planted, and the 100 mu four seasons orchard sell well to visitors from all directions.
The scenic spot is built in the green mountains and waters. It is natural, quiet, leisure, elegant and primitive. It gathers the folk customs of all ethnic minorities in Longsheng Autonomous County. Its unique cultural landscape, mountains and waters make it unparalleled beautiful. Here, there is a kind of peace and tranquility that can only be read in poetry Dream of folk songs It has the poetic and picturesque feeling, the feeling of folk custom, the miniature of folk culture, the fresh oxygen bar released by nature, and the fragrance of grass and trees during the transformation of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Jinpeng covers Jingyuan, the setting sun shines on the green mountains, the jungle smoke like belt, and the clear flow around the garden ring, which is the true portrayal of Paifang. Stepping into it, the local unique bonfire party, as well as rich folk tourism activities, let you fully understand the customs and customs of various ethnic groups in Longsheng without the restrictions of tourism.
In the process of exploring and making full use of the national cultural resources and the development of tourism economy, Paifang national style park has been recognized by all sectors of society, and its folk culture tourism brand has had a certain impact at home and abroad. As a tourist attraction of folk culture created by the use of national cultural resources, let the national culture be inherited and protected in the development. Now it has released her luster, showing her charm and attracting the majority of tourists. In the process of building a new socialist countryside, all villagers of the village actively respond to the call of the township party committee and the government. According to the requirements of the new socialist countryside construction of "production and development, well-off life, civilized village style, clean village appearance, democratic management", the village spiritual civilization of "building a new village without demolishing the old houses, strengthening the quality and creating civilization" is the blueprint and unified Planning, joint creation. With the "six reforms" as the starting point (i.e. water, road, toilet, kitchen, dangerous houses and village environment), we will vigorously adjust the agricultural industrial structure, vigorously inherit and carry forward national culture, develop national cultural tourism, and strive to realize the "Four Beauties" (i.e. "industrial beauty", "life beauty", "folk custom beauty", "environment beauty" and "system beauty"), so that the platoon houses will be The good atmosphere of national unity, civilization and scientific development has become a demonstration point for the construction of spiritual civilization in Longsheng rural areas.
On the basis of thoroughly changing the past dirty, disorderly and poor appearance, Paifang has started the article of planting and breeding, and gradually walked out a five in one economic development road integrating cultivation, biogas, planting, ecology and tourism. Now, the environment in front of and behind the Paifang house is comfortable, the grass and trees contrast each other, the rivers in front of the village are winding, showing the nature of the quiet mountain village.
Source: Longsheng Tourism Bureau

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