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Guilin dream Lijiang

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Dreamlike Lijiang is the first performance of landscape scene in Asia. It is "elaborately built with 50 million yuan" by China Tianchuang international performance production and exchange company and Hong Kong Hongya group, which is famous in the world art world, and can be compared with the super large landscape panoramic performance in Las Vegas. The repertoire is a perfect combination of ballet and acrobatics, with grand and magnificent scenes, modern dance, lighting and sound, which is unique in Asia. The innovation of special turn up stage and three-dimensional scene makes the whole performance alternates into a variety of dazzling stage fairyland in Guilin. The combination of stage performance and high-altitude performance enables you to truly experience a dream like mysterious journey.
Dream Lijiang's lineup: it integrates more than 200 young and middle-aged actors from various teams in China, the first Las Vegas style tilting stage in Asia, French dance, Russian ballet, American clown, Chinese magic, acrobatics and other programs staged by more than 200 actors in China, and combines Chinese and western. Let you "see the unforgettable life, do not see lifelong regret.".
The scene and context of dream Lijiang River: through the use of modern sound, light and electric stage effects, the perfect combination of ballet and acrobatics, the first in Asia, is used to fully show the historical changes, landscape and humanistic charm of Lijiang River, and show the legendary color and amazing beauty of this magical land of Guilin from ancient times to today. While giving people artistic enjoyment, it also penetrates the theme of "environment and life" and gives people profound enlightenment.
The strength of dream Lijiang River in the past more than one year, dream Lijiang River has played nearly 500 performances, receiving about 200000 Chinese and foreign tourists. In the survey of visitors' satisfaction held by the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the visitors' satisfaction reached more than 95%.
The significance of the dream Lijiang River adds new cultural content to the beautiful Guilin. At the same time of carrying forward the excellent Chinese culture and art, she also introduced the international advanced cultural marketing and operation concept. She is not only in line with the concept of simultaneous tourism and performance, but also a specific practice of the concept of Chinese cultural industry. All of these will be of great and far-reaching significance to the reform of Chinese literature and art.
Dreamlike Lijiang River adopts the perfect combination of ballet and acrobatics, which is the first in Asia; on the super large panoramic stage with 1:1 audience and the special turn up stage with the first creation, the actors suddenly fly down from the high altitude and suddenly pass out from the ground, achieving the extremely mysterious stage effect; dreamlike Lijiang River Dance Platform sound and light are not only the first-class in China, but also unique in Asia; dreamlike Lijiang River Its quality exceeds the standards of contemporary international tourism performance, creating the only drama in China that promises not to be satisfied with ticket refunding; a new media toilet - transmitting the live performance to every small screen in the toilet, so that every audience can enjoy the wonderful Lijiang performance in the whole process.
All the audiences who have seen the performance are well-known, and think that the play represents the highest level of contemporary Chinese tourism performance, no matter from the aesthetic point of view and stage effect; no matter from the artistic taste and the grasp of public interest, it has its own uniqueness. The new aesthetic value makes the dreamlike Lijiang River a highlight of Guilin's performing arts.
Address: No.95, Qixing District, Guilin, Guangxi (dreamlike theater)

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