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Lijiang Wangfu stone

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Huangniu gorge is the gorge under JIUNIULING on the Lijiang River in Guilin. Along the gorge, you can see such wonders as "dragons playing in the water" and "frogs crossing the river". Then, you enter doumi beach. In doumi beach, you can enjoy the watchman stone.
Wangfu mountain is located on the Jiangxi Bank of Lijiang River, in front of doumi beach, about 37 kilometers away from Guilin. There is a fairy stone on the top of the mountain, like a man in ancient clothes looking north. There is a stone on the hillside, like a woman with a baby on her back looking at her husband in the distance. It is also called Wangfu mountain because of its name. Li Bingli, a poet in the Qing Dynasty, once wrote a poem about Wang Fu Shi: "at the head of the river, there are many fossils. Two wash cloud servant girl wet, smoke horizontal black eyebrow green. The departed soul is solemn and stirring, and the Hunan spirit is filled with hatred. What's the long way for tourists? They can't stop sailing.
There are many legends about Wangfu stone, one of which is that it is said that a young couple once sailed by here with their newborn child, and the boat ran aground. Seeing that there was only one bucket of rice left in the ration, her husband climbed up the top of the mountain and looked around to find the rescue ship. Keep there all the time, never wait, the heart turns into a stone in a hurry. Seeing that her husband had not been back for a long time, the wife went up the mountain with her child on her back to look for him. When she got to the mountainside, she saw that her husband had become a stone man. She was heartbroken and assimilated into stone.
There is a saying that there used to be a couple who used to support a boat for a living. It was a cold winter. They went against the water and suffered a lot. In the evening, the couple moored by the river and met an old woman, who came to ask for rice with her children. Seeing that they were pitiful, the couple gave the old woman the only rice.
After the couple ran out of food, they were only looking forward to receiving help from boats up and down the river. But at that time, there were no ships. It was the leak that made it rain at night. So he climbed up the mountain every day to watch the ship. One day, the wife saw her husband did not go down the mountain for a long time, so she went up the mountain to find out that her husband had been frozen by the snow and died of hunger. In a hurry, the wife also died at her husband's side.
Another saying is that there used to be two boatmen working on the Wuzhou river. Two people have a surname Liao and a surname Huang. They are not related to each other, but they are intimate as if they share a skull. At the age of 40, both men begged for wives in the same year. In the next year, both of their wives gave birth to young masters. Liao gave birth to a woman named Shui Mei, while Huang gave birth to a cub named Shui. The two boys were born in the same year and grew up in the same boat. From small to large, they did light work and heavy work. Both of them got along as well as the bow and stern of the boat. Two couples four people, see in the eyes, want in the heart, intend to let the aquatic, water sister form a husband and wife.
The old man is interested in water and water. After the death of the two old people, when they were full three years later, Shuimei and Shuimei took down the bulkhead of the cabin and made a continuous shop. They became husband and wife with mutual respect and love.
After they got married, they went to Guilin and Wuzhou in a small boat, where the wind came and the rain came. Two couples in the river encountered other people have a crisis on the tube. Once, when the boat was halfway up, I heard someone on the shore shouting. Soon after she had a baby, she was on the moon, and she was supporting the boat alone, but he couldn't bear to see other people's difficulties. He then propped up the boat to the shore and picked up the old man, who was lying on the shore with a beard, sloping feet, a gourd on his back and a crutch. When he got to Wuzhou wharf, Shuimei and Shuimei helped him to the shore again, and then he finished the work. The old man left the ship and left without saying thank you.
The next year, Shuishui and Shuimei arrived in Wuzhou again. They loaded the goods, bought firewood, rice, oil and salt, and set sail for Guilin. They poled and rowed to a place where no one smoked. All of a sudden, there was another ouch voice on the bank. Hearing this, they hurried to shore, only to see the old man at the foot of the slope last year. The couple said nothing and got the old man on the boat. The old man woke up and said, "you are going on a boat. There are many rapids in the water, and the distance is long. I can't drag you down. Let's take me off the boat."
Shuishui and Shuimei sincerely said: "old man, there is no village or store here. How can I feel when I leave you in this wild mountain. Don't worry, we can't miss the boat support with you on board. " After that, they arranged for the old man to sleep in the cabin, and then they started to sail again.
The boat swam through countless lakes, climbed numerous rapids and slowly came to the big dangerous beach of Lijiang River. Water and water sister Bay good boat, cooked rice, asked the old man slope foot to eat together, is preparing to embark on the beach. When the old man at the foot of the slope came to the bow of the boat, he could not see the end of the beach at a glance. The water was so urgent that it flowed down like a splash. "Boatman, this beach is long and steep. It's not easy to climb it. I want to hurry to Guilin. Lend me some rice and let me walk on the beach."
The old man at the foot of the river asked to borrow rice. He knew that the rice he bought at the time of sailing was "beggar sews clothes - depending on the size". Later, it became food for two adults and three people to eat. For example, there were not many edges and corners cut by tailoring. He asked Shuimei to see the rice VAT. "Water sister said:" look at a kind, old man how much do you want
The old man at the foot of the slope was very generous to see the water younger sister. He thought for a moment and said, "a fight!" Water sister immediately ran into the cabin and measured a bucket of rice. She packed it in a bag and handed it to the old man at the foot of the slope. The water helped the old man out of the boat. When they parted, the old man said with a smile, "you two are so good, you will have a happy life in the future!" The water sighed and said:“

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