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Tangjiatun ancient residence

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 Tangjiatun is subordinate to Renyi village committee of Guanyang Town, 1km away from Renyi village committee and 5km away from Guanyang town. The area under the jurisdiction is about 12000 square meters, with a total of 580 villagers and 175 households, including 400 permanent residents and 180 migrant workers. There are about 300 mu of arable land and 3600 mu of forest land in the village. The economic source of the village is mainly migrant workers and rice planting, with an annual per capita income of about 3000 yuan.

Tangjiatun is located at the foot of Dupangling mountain. The village is backed by Dupangling, covered with Guanjiang River, surrounded by Yudai (water system), backed by mountains and water, negative Yin and embracing Yang, with superior natural environment. The ancient villages were formed before Yuan Dynasty. Most of the buildings were built in accordance with the mountain situation and built in accordance with the mountain, which built a landscape of natural and cultural integration. In the village, mountains and plains play their respective roles. The landform in the territory is mainly mountainous area, with forest land area of 3600 mu, and the rest is paddy field. As a whole, it is higher in the north and lower in the south. Surrounded by mountains, the village is built on the hillside, which belongs to the mountain style. The building is built according to the mountain, well combined with the geomorphic characteristics of hills and alluvial plains. The soil forming parent materials in the village are diversified due to the complex geological changes. The limestone parent materials, proluvial materials and alluvial materials account for the vast majority. In addition to the influence of climate, terrain, vegetation and human factors, there are many paddy soils such as red soil parent materials, proluvial parent materials and sand shale parent materials, dry lands such as red soil and limestone soil, and red yellow soil and limestone forests in the village There are many kinds of soil types, such as wasteland, mountain soil, etc. the land is relatively flat and suitable for planting rice.
The land layout plan in the village is mainly agricultural production and residential land, and the layout is relatively regular. The land can be divided into residential land, cultural relics land, road land, agriculture and forestry land, water area and cemetery.
The ancient residence of tangjiatun is next to Qingshan mountain. In front of the village, there is an open rural beauty. The Guanjiang river flows around the ancient village like a jade belt. The thousand year old camphor and the ancient ginkgo in the village complement each other. Guanjiang River and flowing water form the overall spatial layout of "mountains are like screens, wind and water are like cities, and pools are like crescent dykes", which gives people a sense of harmony, nature and happiness. The ancient village is backed by Dupangling, with Guanjiang river at its hinterland. On both sides of Guanjiang River, willows are used as embankment, which looks like a jade belt. On the north side, there is a pond which looks like a crescent moon. On the four corners of the ancient village, there are four gatehouses, forming a landscape pattern. After careful planning and operation by our ancestors, the buildings and houses of the ancient buildings have been cleaned up, the roadways have been leveled, and the riverbanks, Ancestral temples and ancient wells have been reasonably arranged, which is spectacular.
The building group is made of brick, stone and wood, all of which are laid with granite under and brick with bucket on top; the indoor is paved with bluestone floor. The roadway planning is neat and the permanent road is smooth. The stairs of houses are in order. The interior wood structure building, the beam column is thick, the beam frame is double platform beam, the carving window, the daylighting is strong. The layout of the house is generally one or two entrances. The side rooms of the hall are reasonably distributed and magnificent due to the potential of the land. The architectural structure of Ming Dynasty residence is characterized by five stacks of gables on the outer wall, arched lines on the main beam of the inner hall, wooden piers on the column base, hanging lotus or inverted lotus shaped decorations. Generally, there are no sparrows to support the buildings, and the windows are not decorated, and the ancient servants are exquisite. Among them, Tang ancestral hall is the most typical,
The gate couplet in front of Tang's ancestral hall: "the mountain is like a screen, the wind is like a city, and the pool is like a crescent dike." Fourteen large characters in seal script are shining, which means long brocade. They quietly show the brilliance and glory of the family when it was created to the world.

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