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Tianhe waterfall in Lipu

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Lipu Tianhe waterfall is a national AAA tourist attraction.
Tianhe waterfall ecotourism scenic spot is located in Pulu Township, Lipu County, 28 kilometers away from the county seat, 132 kilometers away from Guilin City, with an area of 850 hectares. It integrates the primitive forest, waterfall and Yao customs, forming a unique tourist resort. Everything here retains the original appearance of the original forest. The forest is located at an altitude of more than 1500 meters, with thousands of mu of ancient trees standing in the forest. It is green, green, quiet and beautiful. It has the characteristics of "quiet, strange, quiet and beautiful".
Waterfall is located in the original forest reserve, with a drop of 88 meters,
It has the potential of "flying down three thousand feet, suspected to be the Milky way falling into nine heavens", just like the water of Tianhe, so it is named Tianhe waterfall. In recent years, the water mist is long and the waterfalls are in various shapes. The flying flowers, the flowing jade and the hanging curtains are dazzling. Looking out is like a long and wide silver curtain hanging in the sky, forming a rainbow in the sunlight, and forming a gorgeous and colorful picture with layered rocks, heavy mountains and towering scenery, which is pleasing to the eyes and beautiful
In the scenic spot, there are many ancient trees, covering the sky and covering the sun, and the winding path is quiet and far away. Its novel and strange sighs are a stop. In the meantime, there are yellow sheep, deer, squirrels, pheasants, small streams, pools, beaches, fish and shrimp; on both sides of the river, there are luxuriant grass, Xiaoxiao and Xiuzhu; there are hollow Valley, orchid, fragrant and elegant, camellia, Rhododendron and Rhododendron vie for beauty, like brocade, walking in the meantime, like being in a peach garden outside the world.
Here, the Diaolou of the Yao family, the singing of folk songs and the singing of Sheng and drum; the singing and dancing of the Yao family, which is passionate and straightforward; the catering of the Yao people, millet and wild vegetables, returning to nature; the story of the chicken and dog in the Yao family's mountain village, the flowing water on the small bridge near the village, and the shepherd's waterwheel have become a fairyland on earth, which makes people forget to return.

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