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Maoershan, Guilin

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Maoer Mountain in Guilin is a national AAAA tourist attraction and National Nature Reserve.
Tour guide: Maoershan is the birthplace of Lijiang River, Xunjiang River and Zijiang River. It is the "0 son" of Lijiang River in Guilin. The main peak of Yuecheng mountain, with an altitude of 2142 meters, ranks the top of the five mountains and is called "the first peak in South China".
Maoershan National Nature Reserve is located in the north of Guilin City, Guangxi. It is located in the center of the North Guilin Tourist Area. There are many famous scenic spots around it, such as Lingqu, Lemandi and Huajiang transcendent school in Xing'an County, bajiaozhai National Forest Park, national Danxia Geological Park, Zijiang and Wupai river rafting, Longsheng hot spring and Longji terrace in Longsheng County. With an area of 17008.5 hectares, the reserve has been listed as one of China's 16 biodiversity hotspots and 14 key areas of land biodiversity with international significance. The mountain is named for its main peak, which looks like a giant creeping cat. Maoershan is the main water source forest area in Guangxi, with an average annual rainfall of 2500 mm. The dense forest vegetation contains huge forest hydrological benefits. The instantaneous water conservation capacity of forest soil is 47.3832 million tons, which is a natural green reservoir. The 39 rivers originated in Maoershan, with an annual average runoff of 314 million tons, are the source of Lijiang River, the mother river of Guilin, the birthplace of Zijiang River and Xunjiang River, connecting the Yangtze River and the Pearl River. Maoershan - water source is a wonder of nature, the son of Guilin landscape. Nature's uncanny work prunes the vast Maoershan virgin forest to the ups and downs, which is like a vast green ocean. The southern hemlock group, a proud relic plant, is the "treasure of the mountain" of Maoer Mountain. There are often clouds on the top of the mountain, and the four hour Buddha light ring cover is unique, which can appreciate the amazing nature.
It is recommended to take the scenic bus directly to climb the top of Maoer Mountain, about an hour's drive. Several important scenic spots, such as the old mountain boundary and Tieshan Park, will be stopped on the way. After getting off, you still need to walk a climbing plank road to reach the summit. The sunset, sunrise and sea of clouds are all beautiful. However, the weather on the mountain is changeable. You'd better go on a sunny day, or the scenery will be greatly reduced. There is a hotel on the top of the mountain. Some tourists will stay here for one night and enjoy the sunrise the next morning.
As the first peak in South China, it is also very popular with hikers. The main hiking route is to walk from the mountain gate to the Grand Canyon, then back to the cuckoo garden, pass the laojieshan mountain, go to Tieshan Park and climb to the top of the mountain through the alpine low forest. One way about 10 hours, if there is no rich experience in outdoor sports, it is not recommended to hike.
The north of Guilin City, Guangxi Province in the northwest of Xing'an County
Official website:
Opening Hours:
8:00-18:00 from April 1 to October 31; 8:30-17:30 from November 1 to March 31 of the next year
Admission ticket
Including the ticket of the scenic spot + the up and down sightseeing bus fare of the scenic spot. Sightseeing bus fare must be bought
Transportation: it is located at the junction of Xing'an and resource counties, 56 kilometers away from Xing'an County and 81 kilometers away from Guilin. You can take the long-distance bus from Guilin bus station to Guilin Maoershan. The fare is 11 yuan.

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