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Gudong Waterfall

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Gudong forest waterfall is a national AAAA tourist attraction.
Located in the south of Dawu ancient town, Lingchuan County, Guilin, 8km away from Guilin Guanyan tourist road, 25km away from Guilin, it is a newly developed tourist attraction. The scenic area is a series of waterfalls formed by underground springs. The waterfalls are 180 meters higher than the water level of the Lijiang River and can still be gushed. It is the only cascade of cascades cascades formed by underground springs in China. It is a waterfall that changes the scenery due to calcium activation and deposition. The nine stage falls are different in shape, some are like mandarin ducks playing water, some are like dragon water sprays, some are on moss covered rocks, waterfalls are like cloth, water patterns are clear and transparent, and are white and transparent, like spray clouds; some streams are concentrated. Bet, falling into the deep pool, splashing layers of spray, like drizzle, lush trees on both sides of the waterfall, shady and quiet, clear and transparent water quality, cool and sweet. At the foot of the ancient east forest waterfall, there is a subtropical rainforest full of vines, dangerous stems, more than 3000 mu of maple and Masson pine. The wind blows the forest, and the birds sing and the flowers smell. It makes people feel like returning to nature. The fresh air with high content of negative oxygen ions forms a natural ecotourism scenic spot in Guilin tourism circle. Red maple in late autumn is waiting for tourists to visit. You can feel the beautiful scenery of frost forest, red mountains and red leaves. The water of Gudong Waterfall is clear and does not dry up in four seasons. The average sediment concentration of the river is 0.1g/m3, and the average annual flow is 5M3 / s. The waterfall is divided into 13 levels, with a total drop of 90 meters. The average width is 20 meters.
As a newly developed scenic spot, Gudong forest waterfall has taken shape as a whole. The biggest feature of the scenic spot is that the publicity of humanity and environmental protection runs through all the scenic spots of the whole scenic spot. It has exquisite conception and advanced consciousness. The words and publicity methods used are also integrated into the profound cultural background, and the tourists are informed of the nature's influence on the scenic spot with proper methods and means The important role of human beings reminds tourists to treat nature well and love nature. Gudong forest waterfall tourist area is also the environmental protection publicity base of Guilin city and autonomous region. When tourists come here, they can not only get close to nature and breathe fresh air, but also feel the publicity atmosphere of environmental protection and master some knowledge about environmental protection, which is really beneficial. To Gudong forest waterfall group, there is no lack of water. The forest coverage rate of Gudong forest waterfall group tourist area is 96%, covering an area of about 3000 mu, including 2000 mu of original growth forest. The average sediment concentration of the river is 0.1g/m3, and the average annual flow is 5M3 / s. The waterfall is divided into 13 levels, with a total drop of 90 meters. The average width is 20 meters.
When we arrived at Gudong forest waterfall group, the biggest harvest was that there was a mountain forest full of maple trees. Every year, in the late autumn, that is, the late November, the forest here was dyed with layers of red maple leaves. The magnificent scenery could not be found elsewhere in Guangxi. Ancient trees are towering in ancient east forest waterfall forest area, and red maple is attractive. Rattan around tree, tree around rattan, wild. Beautiful scenery, birds singing and flowers fragrance, fresh air. It is a forest park with the widest area and the most distinctive waterfall, which is the closest to Guilin city. It is also a good place for mountaineering exploration and forest seclusion.
Ancient East waterfall, waterfalls in groups, ancient trees towering, ancient east forest waterfall created a human spectacle. At present, the only multistage cascade waterfall in China is formed by underground springs. Because of the high content of calcium carbonate in the water and the deposition of travertine, the waterfall surface gradually grows higher. When the source elevation is 180m higher than the water level of Lijiang River, there is still spring water gushing, which is a miracle. Come here to play, have the fun of walking waterfalls and playing waves, have the thrill of jungle shuttle, make people linger and forget to return. As the ecological and environmental protection education base designated by Guangxi science and Technology Commission, Guilin is famous for its beautiful mountains and rivers, fresh air and ecological paradise.

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