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Longsheng hot spring

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Longsheng hot spring is a national AAAA tourist attraction.
Longsheng hot spring is one of the best scenic spots in Guilin tourism circle. It is located in the low ridge 30 kilometers northeast of Longsheng County, which is the core and soul of Longsheng Hot Spring National Forest Park.
The road passes through the shade of the trees, the grass in the path is delicious, the azalea is fallen in profusion, and the hotels and restaurants built by the mountain are just like. Go ahead again, turn left and right, and finally in a wooded mountain rush, you can see a scene of flourishing clouds. In the distance, the smoke is misty, and the misty buildings are transformed into the heavenly palace and qiongge. It is suspected that the immortal is burning incense to play the piano, and it is like burning fire to make pills. Before approaching, it turned out to be several pools of hot springs full of water. They flickered and rippled in the steaming hot fog and breathed calmly in the dense water atmosphere. Face the mysterious world in front of you.
Longsheng hot spring is gushed out from the rock stratum 1200 meters deep underground. The water temperature is between 45 ℃ - 58 ℃. There are more than ten kinds of trace elements such as lithium, strontium, iron, zinc and copper in the water, which are beneficial to human body. The water quality has been identified by the relevant experts of the Ministry of Geology and mineral resources, the Ministry of light industry and the Ministry of health as the super low sodium mineralization calcium magnesium metasilicate bicarbonate natural drinking mineral water. Bathing hot spring has good physical therapy, treatment and health care effects on cardiovascular disease, neuralgia, arthritis, diabetes, gout, skin disease, gynecology disease, etc.: regular drinking hot spring water can also prevent arteriosclerosis, delay the aging of blood vessels, and has anti-cancer and anti-aging effects.
Regular bathing can regulate the cardiovascular system, which has a good effect on the treatment of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, neuritis, arthritis, skin diseases, endocrine disorders, etc. it is called "Shenshui" by local people.
Backstroke in the steaming pool is a very pleasant thing. Seeing the curling hot fog passing through the green and tiny forest tops on the head, it turns into a touch of mountain haze, curling and moistening the verdant straight up the peak all the year round, listening to the congcongcongcong flowing spring mingling with the flower, fragrance and bird's singing in a quiet way, people who can't write poems will also have the desire to create. A statue of Yang Guifei in the bath behind the pool adds a kind of classical reverie.
In Longsheng hot spring, you can enjoy the most wonderful mineral water bath in the world, and more importantly, you can enjoy the rare forest bath. Whether it's tourists, cars or hotels, everything is bathed in the green charm of the four seasons. Pure air, like brewed wine, makes you intoxicated. There are many scenic spots in Longsheng hot spring park. A gurgling hot spring stream is just a newborn umbilical cord of the forest park. There are also Xinzi mountain, Qipan mountain, Yunfei cave, longzhiyan (all new names) and other landscapes, which can be used by tourists for outing and climbing. There are Caragana, monkey and black bear on the opposite side of Tiesuo bridge, and there are precious giant salamanders playing in the SangJiang river where the rubber boats are drifting under Tiesuo bridge.
It's warm as spring in the cold wind and rain. It's extremely cool and pleasant outside in the scorching heat. You need to cover your quilt when you sleep at night, and there's no invasion of mosquitoes. That's quiet, quiet, poetic and charming, which will make you want to come again when you go.

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