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Yao Shan Scenic Area

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Yaoshan scenic spot is a national AAAA level scenic spot.
Yaoshan is located in the northeast of Guilin City, about 8 kilometers away from the city. The main peak of Yaoshan scenic spot is 909.3 meters above sea level, with a relative height of 760 meters. Yaoshan is the highest peak in Guilin. The west slope of Yaoshan mountain is 450 meters above sea level. Yaomiao temple was built in Qin Dynasty. The name of Yaoshan comes from it. Yaoshan mountain is 600-700 meters above sea level. It was originally built with Bailu temple, the former residence of Tang Bailu Zen master, also known as Yuhuangge. At an altitude of 200m, Zhusheng nunnery and Maoping nunnery were built in Ming Dynasty. At the foot of Yaoshan is the most complete tomb group of Ming Dynasty vassals.
Yaoshan mountains are undulating, majestic, lush with vegetation and azalea everywhere. In winter, there is snow on the top of the mountain. Mingya is shocked by the poem "winter snow in Yaoshan". It says: "the wind comes from the East, blowing down the snow in the sky, and sprinkling it on the top of Yaoshan mountain. It looks the most amazing." Yaoshan is famous for its changeable and colorful scenery.
In spring, the azaleas of the gentle mountains and fields of Yaoshan dress a mountain with many peaks in a colorful way; in summer, the mountains are full of pines and bamboos, waves, mountains and rivers competing for show, and lush; in autumn, the mountains are full of maple, red, cypress, purple, wild chrysanthemum, and golden and green; in autumn, the mountains are full of snow, snow, ice, flowers and jade trees, with a unique taste, standing at the top of Yaoshan mountain and looking around The front paddy field is like a mirror, the cottage is like in the picture, the thousand peaks are around the wild, and the scenery of one water through the city will make you feel the pride of "looking at the small mountains". Yaoshan is a famous historic site in China.
Yaoshan cableway is equipped with automatic alarm, TV tracking and other safety protection systems by introducing the advanced technology of doppelmatyr cableway company of oder. The total length of the cableway is 1416.18 meters, with a height difference of 423.3 meters. There are 175 double hanging chairs and cabins. The upper station is near the TV transmission station at the top of the mountain, and the lower station is next to the Jingjiang Mausoleum. The one-way operation time of the cableway is 20 minutes and 38 seconds: the hourly transportation volume is 5072. Take the cableway from the bottom of the mountain to the top of Yaoshan mountain, and you can see the scenery of Guilin from the top of the mountain to the top of the mountain.
Ticket price: 95 yuan
Opening hours: 8:40-18:00
Tour time: 1.5 hours
Features of the scenic spot: a full set of imported technology and equipment from Wigand slideway company of Germany, designed and installed by German experts, with a total length of 1000m, 18 curves, a height difference of 150m, an average slope of 15 °, a maximum speed of 80km / h and a speed limit of 35km / h, the upper station is set at the middle station of the cableway, the lower station is set beside the Jingjiang mausoleum, the slideway is set down the mountain and the dense forest Along the way, you can enjoy the charm of Yaoshan mountain in thrilling and exciting natural landscapes such as strange pines and rocks, famous flowers and grass, and clear springs and streams.

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