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Jinshan Country Park

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Jinshan Country park is located to the north of Kowloon, covering an area of 337 hectares, most of which are in the pool catchment area of Kowloon district and to the north of smuggle'ao. Although the area of Jinshan Country Park is small, the scenery is beautiful. There are four ponds in the park, including the Kowloon pond, the shilibei pond, the Kowloon receiving pond and the Kowloon sub pond. In Hong Kong, Jinshan country park is most famous for monkeys (similar to the impression of Emei Mountain in China). Monkeys are found all over Jinshan country park. They are not afraid of human beings. They often rob the food of picnickers. In the morning and at night, wild monkeys even challenge pedestrians.
Location of Jinshan Country Park
geographical environment
Most of the park is located in the water diversion area of Hong Kong's Kowloon and shilibei pond. It is composed of three mountain systems: Jinshan in the west, shilibei in the East and smuggling ridge in the north. Drive into Jinshan Road to the training range, which is about 280 meters above sea level, that is, just walk about 90 meters to the top of Jinshan. Standing at the top of the peak, you can see the surrounding area, Kwai Chung and Tsuen Wan under your feet, the container terminal and the front shops of Tsing Yi Island, and Hong Kong behind Victoria Harbor. Looking back at the Kowloon peaks, you can see the whole area of Shatin. The landscape is infinite. Because of its small area, the garden is delicate and exquisite, and because of its green waters and green mountains, it is very popular.
Park car road through, visitors can drive play, extremely convenient. The park not only has mountains, but also water, and also the victory of mountains and rivers. The water is composed of four ponds. The four ponds are like four entrances of the word "utensil". On the top left is the shilibei pond, on the right is the Kowloon pond, on the left is the delot pond, and on the right is the new pond. The main scenic spots are monkey mountain, fool's paradise, Jiulong district water pond, Jinshan and Hong Kong's "Maginot Line" relics, etc.
There are walking paths everywhere in the park, extending in all directions, with a total length of 17 kilometers. The main walking routes are concentrated in the pond area. The main outing routes include Jinshan Jiale trail, tricolor outing trail, deluotang jog trail, shilibei pond jog trail, etc. The red suburban road is 16 kilometers long around Xintang, the blue suburban road is 16 kilometers long around Santang, and the green suburban road is 4 kilometers long around Santang. Each suburban road has a white column mark along the way, and the column top is painted with the color of the road as the guide. Green mountains and clear water make people enjoy themselves. The sixth section of MacLehose Road: from Tai Po Road along Jinshan Road to Chengmen pond. The sixth section of weiyixin road also starts from Tai Po Road, bypasses Kowloon pond and goes along Zhijing mountain to Chengmen pond main dam. Jinshan Jiale path: from four and a half meters of Tai Po Road, walk along Jinshan Road for about 20 minutes to the starting point of this path. Enjoy the views of Kowloon pond, finger path, lion hill and part of the harbour. The destination is a morning transport garden. Jinshan tree study path: this path is 1150 meters long and introduces 20 kinds of trees and plants along the way. In 1999, a ban on wild monkeys and wildlife was introduced. Areas where wild monkeys are not allowed to be raised include lion hill, Jinshan and Chengmen Country Park; parts of Tai Mo Shan Country Park; Tai Po Nature Reserve; Hau Tak Road; and the pipa mountain section of Tai Po Road.
Traffic information
1) Take bus No. 72 outside Changsha Bay station and get off at Kowloon pool.
2) Take bus 86B from the bus terminal outside exit a of Mobil MTR station and get off at Kowloon pond.
3) Take bus 81 from Yau Ma Tei MTR station (exit A1) to Kowloon Shuitang. (the above information is for reference only)

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