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Wei Yi Shun path

Source:http://www.patpoh.com Clicks:Date:2020-01-15 11:38
Weiyixin trail, a former outing route named by Lord weiyixin, the governor of Hong Kong, was officially opened in 1996. It is 78 km long and runs through eight Country parks in Hong Kong from south to North in 10 sections. It is the second longest hike route in Hong Kong after McLehose trail. Wei Yixin path is named in memory of Sir Wei Yixin, a Hong Kong governor who loves Hong Kong's landscape and hiking activities.
Chinese Name: weiyixinjing District, Hong Kong starting in 1996, 78 kilometers long
Passing through the park
This ten section hiking trail runs through eight country parks in Hong Kong from south to north, including Tai Tan country park, Tai Tan (extension) country park, Ma On Shan Country Park, lion hill country park, Jinshan Country Park, Chengmen Country Park, Tai Mo Shan Country Park and Baxianling Country Park. This path starts from Chizhu gorge road of Datan Country Park and passes through several peaks of Hong Kong Island to Quarry Bay. The third section starts from youtang, crosses devil mountain and Wugui mountain, turns to the west, reaches Jiulong mountains, then starts from Jinshan country park to the north, reaches Jiulongkeng mountain, climbs baxianling to the East, and finally descends Nanchong as the terminal point.
Detailed route
In order to increase the challenge of hiking trails, weiyixin trail crosses many high mountains in Hong Kong from the south to the north, with thousands of sceneries. In addition to taking you into many undeveloped primitive suburbs of Hong Kong and enjoying the green mountains and waters, this hiking trail also enables you to stand on the Green hills where there is no human trace, watch the prosperity of Hong Kong City, and see the wonderful scene that the countryside of Hong Kong stands side by side with the city, and the moving world is separated by thick shade.
[first paragraph]
The first section starts from Chizhu gorge road in the south of Hong Kong Island and passes through Magang mountain, shallow water bay AO and ziluolan mountain until Yangming Mountain Villa.
Length: 4.8km
Hours: 2
Difficulty: * * *
[second paragraph]
The second section starts from Yangming Mountain Villa, passes through the stone mine of zhadean mountain, and then passes through bila mountain to Baijia mountain. Then follow dafeng'ao to Beiluo mountain, to Shuitang park between KANGYI garden and Kangjing garden, and then walk to the subway station to Lantian.
Length: 6.6km
Hours: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: * *
[third paragraph]
Lantian metro station to jinglanshu. Through devil mountain, Zhaojing Huanshan, changlongtian, Wuguishan, Aotou, mayutang, Daniu lake and Xindi village.
Length: 9.3km
Hours: 4 hours
Difficulty: * *
[fourth paragraph]
Starting from jinglanshu, it passes through old Saigon Road, dalanhu village, dalao'ao near Kiwi camp, and then to shatian'ao.
Length: 8.0km
Hours: 3 hours
Difficulty: * * *
[paragraph 5]
Shatianao to Kowloon pond.
Length: 7.4km
Hours: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: *
[paragraph 6]
Kowloon pond to Tsuen Wan gate pond.
Length: 5.3km
Hours: 2 hours
Difficulty: * *
[seventh paragraph]
Tsuen Wan Shing Mun reservoir to Yuen Dun, Tai Po District.
Length: 10.2km
Hours: 4 hours
Difficulty: *
[paragraph 8]
Yuen Dun, Tai Po District to Kowloon hang Shan.
Length: 9.0km
Hours: 4 hours
Difficulty: * * *
[paragraph 9]
Jiulongkeng mountain to baxianling.
Length: 10.6km
Hours: 4.5 hours
Difficulty: * * *
[paragraph 10]
Baxianling to Nanchong.

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