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Yuan Xuan College

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Yuanxuan college is a Taoist temple beside the San Dietan in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. It was founded by Zhao Yuxiu and LV Chongde in 1950 and opened on March 15, 1953. Yuanxuan college was registered as a limited company in 1956, and became a charity organization with the words of "exempt limited company".
Company name: yuanxuan college headquarters, Hong Kong time of establishment, 1956 business scope, nature of charity company, private annual turnover charity
Garden Construction
"Yuanxuan College" is dedicated to Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Building fragrant Chinese style pavilions.
"Three archways": three archways stand in the middle gate respectively representing Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism;
"The gate to morality": it is located under the hall of the three religions, and it is taken from the chapter of "University" in Zhu Zizhu's note, "the legacy of Confucius in University, and the gate to morality for the first time." ;
"Three religions hall": it was completed in 1971 and built in the form of Temple of Heaven to worship the ancestors of three religions;
"Yuanchen Palace": also known as "Taisui Palace", built in imitation of baiyun temple in Beijing, China, and dedicated to Doumu Yuanjun and 60 Taisui statues. Every year, around the lunar new year, many good letters are attracted to visit Taisui and repay their wishes;
"Guanyin pool": in the middle of the pool stands a white jade water purifying Guanyin statue more than 2 meters high. The statue of Guanyin was made in Sichuan by imitating Dunhuang paintings;
"Confucius bronze statue": established for the founding of Confucius Institute, to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of zhiyuanxuan Institute;
"Sutra Pavilion": the largest Taoist Library in Hong Kong, collecting research books and periodicals of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism;
"Yashi Museum": Exhibition of natural strange rocks, including rocks similar to the 12 Chinese zodiac. Similar to the "stone Museum" in Singapore and Bangkok.
Structural characteristics
At the entrance of yuanxuan college stands a three education archway. The stairs leading to the square are lined with pine and cypress trees, and there are two traditional pavilions on the left and right sides of the square for tourists and good faith. The center of the square is the main building of yuanxuan College - the three teaching halls. The three religions hall is built in imitation of the temple of heaven, which is The Place to worship the three religions saints. The hemispherical top of the hall symbolizes the essence of Taoism: no beginning, no end. On the right side of the three religions hall is Aiyi Pavilion and Longhua tower, and beside Aiyi Pavilion is a huge bonsai with stone mountains and streams. Longhua building is two floors high, composed of scripture hall and living room, with elegant and classical layout. The far left of the three religions hall is Guanyin pool. Other buildings include Sutra altar, bell tower and Drum Tower, Yuanchen hall, Mingxing hall, Confucius bronze statue, badetai, yangzhenxuan, yizhai and Sutra Pavilion. In addition, yuanxuan college is surrounded by traditional buildings and archways, which are also remote. There are no high-rise buildings or modern buildings around, so it is very suitable for ancient costume films. In fact, a lot of TV costume plays are shot here.
Yuanxuan college holds "yuanxuan potted elegant stone appreciation meeting" every spring, displaying elegant and unique bonsai Masterpieces for citizens and tourists to watch. This potted elegant stone exhibition, CO organized by Hong Kong Tourism Development Council, is one of the promotion projects of "green tourism" in Hong Kong.
Social services
In 1974, the Social Service Department of yuanxuan college began to provide elderly care services, under which there are nursing homes, homes for the elderly, elderly centers and Western medicine clinics and other service units.
Yuanxuan elderly home
Yuanxuan nursing home
Yuanxuan nursing home and elderly day care center (smooth estate)
Yuanxuan elderly Center (Jiafu estate)
Yuanxuan elderly Center (deep well)
Education Service
Yuanxuan college has three middle schools, one primary school and five kindergartens.
Yuanxuan college No.1 Middle School
Yuanxuan college No.2 Middle School
Yuanxuan college No.3 Middle School
Yuanxuan primary school
Yuanxuan Kindergarten (shiweijiao)
Yuanxuan Kindergarten (Fushan)
Yuanxuan Kindergarten (Dongtou)
Yuanxuan Kindergarten (pingtian)
Yuanxuan Kindergarten (Tianyi)
"Yuanxuan College" holds "yuanxuan potted elegant stone appreciation meeting" every spring, displaying elegant and unique bonsai art masterpieces, chrysanthemums and various strange rocks for the public to watch.
81 Hong Kong minibus: Tsuen Wan "Zhaohe Street" to "yuanxuan College"

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