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Datan Country Park

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Datan Country park is located in the east of Hong Kong Island. It extends from zhaden mountain in the north to the continuous mountains in Magang mountain in the south. It is bounded by Chizhu gorge road. It reaches huangnaiyong gorge in the West and datan road in the East. Founded in 1977, the park covers an area of 1315 hectares, about one fifth of the area of Hong Kong Island.
The park includes four ponds, which are the main source of the island's early water supply. The datan pond system consists of the datan upper pond, the datan sub pond, the datan middle pond and the datan Du pond. It was built between 1889 and 1917 with a total capacity of 9 million cubic meters. In the quiet country park, there are still some remains of war, such as blockhouses, ammunition depots and wartime stoves. During the Second World War, British and Japanese troops fought fiercely here.
As for the Quarry Bay extension, immediately north of the Tai Tam country park, the area includes the north slopes of Mount Parker and mount bina, covering an area of 270 hectares, which was demarcated in 1979. Climb to the top of Mount Baijia, which is 530 meters high, and overlook the scenery on both sides of Victoria Harbour. Due to its proximity to Yu Chung and Sai Wan River, the park is popular with residents in the east of Hong Kong Island and is a hot spot for morning transport and recreational activities.
Location of Datan Country Park the eastern part of Hong Kong Island covers an area of 1315 hectares established in 1977
park view
Datan Valley is The Place with the most abundant ecological resources in datan country park. It is surrounded by many mountains, including violet mountain, zhaden mountain, bina mountain and Baijia mountain. Each mountain is more than 400 meters high, among which the most precipitous Baijia mountain is as high as 507 meters. The mountains collect rainwater and rush to the deep valley between the mountains to form many clear streams, which moisten the plants in the valley and make the valley become a forest area with a variety of biological species. There are many kinds of animals and plants in it. Therefore, as early as the 1970s, the pond catchment area has been listed as a place of special scientific value to protect the area from development damage. The mountain light and water color in the area are even better It's called Guanjue Hong Kong Island.
Along the sixth section of Hong Kong Island Road, starting from Baijia mountain road, climb up dafeng'ao, then go down the slope southward, you can enter this green world, with a panoramic view of the lakes and mountains. Strolling along the Bank of datan pond, you can easily write freehand, and overlook the green scenery of datan Valley on the dike. Walking along the left side path and the north side of datan hill, you can get to the terminal of datan road.
In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, there are also historic sites in the area, one of which is the site of a hut on zhaden mountain. Originally the residence of James Mead Johnson, founder of Jardine Matheson limited, there is only foundation left for reference.
The Tai Tam country park and Tai Tam Country Park (Quarry Bay extension) have a number of outing and barbecue locations, mainly along Pak Chia Shan Road and Tai Tam Shui Tong Road, and near the red house, with rain shelters and integrated children's play facilities. In order to meet the different needs of the public, there is also a morning transport park for morning transport people in Quarry Bay.
A 2500m long Quarry Bay slow track has also been set up along the Jindu horse track. It starts from Baijia mountain road in the South and reaches Saixi Lake in the north corner in the north. Near the North starting point of the jogging trail, there is a scenic spot where visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the east of Hong Kong and Kowloon. There are many paths in the park, such as the datan outing path, the datan tree study path, the huangnaichong tree study path, the Quarry Bay slow running path, the Quarry Bay tree study path, and the Compaq outing path, which provide outing routes for people with different physical abilities.
Ecological resources
During the Second World War, the plants in the area were seriously damaged and the barren mountains were everywhere. After the World War II, through the systematic forest planting work of the authorities, the barren mountains were successfully transformed into green and lush forests. Among them, the most common tree species are Acacia taiwanensis and Pinus elliottii, which are both dry and windproof. In the park, there are also natural shrubs on the hills and valleys. In winter, there are big head teas in full bloom. In spring, azalea can be seen blooming. Other common wild plants include Wild Peony, Leucaena leucocephala, Hedysarum, Nanshu, Hong Kong Tea and various orchids.
On both sides of datan pond road and the south of Baijia mountain, the vegetation is luxuriant, which is extremely suitable for the reproduction and growth of local wild animals. Here, red muntjac and leopard cat can be heard from time to time; flexible red bellied squirrels often shuttle through trees. Other frequently haunted mammals include chinchillas, porcupines, weasels and badgers, civets and kittens. Common birds include thrush, magpie and Robin, partridge, quail, Common Kingfisher, magpie, myna, crow, dark green Hydrangea (Acacia), black eared Kite (Osprey), sparrow, Bulbul, sunflower cockatoo and leading owl (OWL).
On both sides of the stream, there are many amphibians, such as Hong Kong salamander, the only place where they can be found in Hong Kong Island; Lewin's tree frog, the Asian brocade frog, the only real tree frog in Hong Kong, who loves to play in the evening, due to the construction of Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok. For reptiles, there are poisonous snakes, such as silver foot belt, cobra (rice shovel head), red necked snake, and chameleon tree lizard (horse mane snake).
There are many kinds of butterflies in insects, such as Paris green phoenix butterfly, Pei leopard nymphal butterfly, pseudo fantasy purple spot butterfly, black vein nymphal butterfly, beautiful eye nymphal butterfly, etc., as well as bamboo insect, slender mantis, yellow spotted tiger, dragonfly and douniang, as well as the spider of the big wood forest (New Lady of the spotted collaterals).

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