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Li Min Fu, jiubei District

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The Old District Office North (Tai Po) is located in the head corner of Tai Po movement, New Territories, Hong Kong. It is the first civil affairs building built in the UK after leasing the new territories. It was listed as a statutory monument in Hong Kong on November 13, 1981, and allocated to the Tai Po division of the Hong Kong environmental protection department from 1988 to 2000. In 2002, it became the regional headquarters of the New Territories East of the Hong Kong Scout Association and was named the Rodin bond scout center.
The Chinese name is old district office north. Tai Po is located in the head corner of Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong. It is named Luoding Bang scout center.
Historical evolution
On June 9, 1898, British minister to China, sir Claude MacDonald (1852-1915), and Li Hongzhang signed in Beijing a special article on the expansion of Hong Kong boundary. They leased the outlying islands such as Kowloon Peninsula and Lantau Island and the waters of Dapeng Bay to the United Kingdom for 99 years from July 1. On April 17, 1899, the British government held a flag raising ceremony at Flagstaff Hill (now known as Yuangang) in Tai Po to officially accept the new territories concession.
Tai Po was the center of early governance of the new territories. In 1901, "Land Office" (later known as Tai Po Tian Tusi Department) was established. In 1905, in order to facilitate the implementation of land laws, the "District Land Office" was divided into two departments, one of which is "Northern District" (NATO Li Min Fu). It is located in Tai Po and governs most areas of the newly leased land except New Kowloon and three small islands. The work of Li Min government includes tax collection, licensing, land measurement, regional engineering, judicial arbitration, local public security, dispute resolution and civil situation detection. After that, the NMF was divided into the NMF in Tai Po and the NMF in Yuen Long.
The old North District Limin house was built around 1907 to handle administrative and land registration in the north of the new territories (north of Tsuen Wan). At the same time, the post office (until postwar) and the magistrates' Court (until 1961) were attached. In 1983, it was closed down as an office building of Li Min Fu.
Architectural characteristics
Limin mansion in the old North District stands on the hill, originally divided into two single storey buildings in the north and the south. In order to adapt to the humid and hot weather, the East and West facades are built with spacious brick column verandah and arched doors and windows. The whole building is made of red brick, which is a typical colonial building in the early 20th century. After the Second World War, two more buildings were built in the middle, and one more floor was built in the north building. The overall appearance of the building is always simple. Once a small gun was placed inside, only the empty gun rack was left after it was removed.
Public transportation
East Rail
Tai Po Market Station
Nine bar
64K (Yuen Long (West) - Tai Po railway station)
72x (Mong Kok (Parkview Bay) - Tai Po Centre)
73x (Tsuen Wan (Ruxin Square) - Fushan)
74x (Kwun Tong Pier - Tai Po Centre)
307 (central Ferry Terminal - Tai Po Centre)

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