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Baxianling Country Park

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Baxianling Country park (delineated on April 7, 1978) is one of the country parks in Hong Kong. It is located in baxianling in the northeast of the new territories of Hong Kong. It covers an area of 3125 hectares and is adjacent to the nearby chuanwan country park. The highest elevation of baxianling mountain is more than 550 meters, overlooking the ups and downs of the mountains and the beautiful scenery of Tolo port. In addition, bride's pool in country park is also a major attraction. Baxianling special area is also located in Baxianling Country Park.
There was a fire on February 17, 2014. As of February 3, 2014, at 19:00, the fire continued to burn for more than a day, but the fire line has been gradually reduced, there is no news of casualties, and the cause of the fire has not been found out.
Chinese Name: baxianling country park foreign name: Pat Sin Leng country park location: Hong Kong SAR area 31.25 square kilometers established on April 7, 1978, with the highest altitude of 591 meters
geographical environment
Baxianling country park was established in 1978, covering an area of 3125 hectares. The eight successive peaks of baxianling are named after the eight immortals, with Chunyang peak as the main peak, while other famous peaks include Huangling, Pingfeng mountain, Jiulongkeng mountain and guitou mountain.
In addition to the mountains and water, beside the scenic water pool of the crane and the water pool, there are country park facilities. Besides the beautiful forest planting, there are barbecue, picnic and camping sites. Tourists can use the camping site as the base,
Conduct field exploration activities.
Experienced hikers can try to cross sections 9 and 10 of weiyixin road in baxianling country park. Walk along the ridges of Huangling, Libi mountain, baxianling, etc. in the clear days, stand on the mountains and overlook the vast countryside, ups and downs of mountains, magnificent scenery of chuanwan freshwater lake, and have a panoramic view of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the clear days. The conglomerate at the top of baxianling mountain is a famous crown rock in geography.
In the south of baxianling country park, there are shaluodong, the town of dragonflies, tingjiao wetland, a place of special scientific value, and in the north, there are Heron paradise salt stove and its Fengshui forest. The barbecue and picnic grounds beside bride's pool road - Chung Bei and Chung Wei barbecue grounds are also within the area of baxianling country park.
Climbing to the peak from Dawei governor, the mountain path along the way is steep and circuitous. When you get to the ridge, the track will rise and fall. In the south, there are cliffs and in the north, there are rolling mountains. Straight ahead, the "Eight Immortals" will appear one by one. It takes a lot of effort to climb every mountain.
Every mountain in baxianling is a good place to enjoy the urban and rural scenery of Hong Kong at the same time, and Huangling is no exception. The gritty, wind and rain ravaged mountain stands aloft, overlooking the natural beauty and the new territories urban landscape in the distance.
To the south of Huangling mountain is the Shaluo cave. There are many deserted rice fields and villages in the deep valley. To the north of Huangling, behind the mountain, is Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. When tourists go hiking in baxianling, they usually rest in Huangling and other mountains. Sitting on a high hill, you can enjoy the sharp contrast between the world's rare downtown and country scenery.
Baxianling country park is located in the New Territories
In the northeast, shuixiangcun is to the south, Shitouling village to the East and xintangpu village to the north.
ecological environment
This is a place where local nature lovers often visit. There are many artificial forest areas and beautiful forested valleys in the area of flowing water and Hesu pond. There are many native and foreign trees. In spring, the valleys are decorated with colorful azaleas and other flowering shrubs. There are many beautiful trees, such as willow and yew, planted all over the pond, which are full of poetic and beautiful scenery.
The trees in the pond area are also important habitats for birds. The bird species include red eared Bulbul, white headed Bulbul, thrush, magpie and Robin, partridge, quail, Common Kingfisher, magpie, myna and crow, etc., while porcupine, pangolin, civet, leopard cat and red muntjac can be found in the areas of flowing water, crane and baxianling.
Park facilities
Baxianling country park has not only baxianling and Pingfeng mountain with extraordinary momentum, but also the ponds with flowing water and Hesu, which are adjacent to the chuanwan sea. It can be said that the landscapes are suitable for each other. The country facilities can also meet the requirements of different people at one time. The park has tourist center, natural education path and barbecue facilities. At the same time, there are many different difficulty outing routes, including Heshu outing path, Shuixiang outing path, Nanchong outing path, Heshu pond cottage path, Fengkeng cottage path, baxianling natural education path and Yongbei tree study path. The challenging section 9 and 10 (end point) of Weiyi information path are also located in the country park.
There are barbecue and outing sites for tourists to use beside the pleasant and tranquil water pool and the surging back and tail of brides' pool road, where tourist vehicles shuttle frequently during holidays. Besides, there are three other campsites.
Main attractions
Natural attractions
If you want to see the magnificent mountains and rivers, you have to work hard to climb the baxianling mountain. Baxianling mountain road runs along the ridge of the continuous mountains. The mountains on both sides are lofty and steep, and the scenery is unobstructed. Being in it, you can fly like an eagle in the sky. The scenery on both sides of the ridge is a combination of heaven and earth, which is a wonder. The road is rough.

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