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Hong Kong Wetland Park

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Hong Kong Wetland Park is located in the north of Tin Shui Wai, new territories. It has an indoor exhibition hall "wetland interactive world" covering an area of 10000 square meters and a wetland reserve of more than 60 hectares. It is the first park in Asia with similar facilities. It was officially opened to the public in May 2006. The Hong Kong Wetland Park with vast natural beauty is a world-class eco-tourism attraction. The whole wetland park is equipped with wildlife model exhibition, simulated wetland scenes and entertainment and education facilities. Visitors can not only enjoy the natural beauty, but also appreciate various water forms and experience the characteristics of water breeding life through the unique design of Hong Kong planning designers. There are nearly 190 kinds of birds, 40 kinds of dragonflies and more than 200 kinds of butterflies and moths in the park. Wetland reserves include man-made wetlands and habitats reconstructed for waterfowl.
Chinese name Hong Kong Wetland Park foreign name Hong Kong Wetland Park open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (rest on Tuesday) admission price: 30 Hong Kong dollars for famous scenic spot riverside roaming path, Wetland Exploration Center, country of ecological exploration area, city of China, suitable tourism season for Hong Kong, spring, summer and autumn
geographical environment
The original site of Hong Kong Wetland Park is just a common wetland. While developing the new town of Tin Shui Wai,
This land is intended to compensate for the loss of ecologically valuable land in development.
In 1998, the then Hong Kong agriculture and Fisheries Department (the current Hong Kong agriculture, fisheries and Conservation Department) and the Hong Kong Tourism Association (the current Hong Kong Tourism Development Council) carried out research and finally decided to build this land into an international level ecotourism project, namely Hong Kong Wetland Park. At the same time, Hong Kong Wetland Park is the buffer zone of Mai Po wetland reserve, so the Hong Kong government also hopes to build Wetland Park to protect wetlands, educate the public and attract tourists.
In 1999, the construction of Wetland Park was started. It is the first eco-environmental tourism project in Hong Kong, costing about 500 million Hong Kong dollars. The park is divided into two phases. The first phase of the exhibition hall was completed and opened in December 2000, while the second phase of the exhibition hall was opened on May 20, 2006. Located in the north of Tin Shui Wai in the new territories, including the 10000 square meter indoor "wetland interactive world", i.e. visitor center, and more than 60 hectares of Wetland Reserve, it is the first park in Asia with similar facilities.
Every Sunday and public holiday, the volunteer tutor with rich ecological experience will take you on a fantastic trip to the wetland, and show you interesting and special wetland plants and animals through explanations and interesting activities.
Located in the artificial wetland, the Wetland Exploration Center allows visitors to experience the wetland life. The three birdwatching houses, which are located on the riverside, fish pond and mud beach respectively, lead visitors to different habitats and seek for various interesting creatures. The habitats of wetland park include freshwater swamp, seasonal pond, reed bed, forest land, mudflat and mangrove.
natural resources
Wetland reserves include man-made wetland and ecological environment reconstructed for waterfowl. There are nearly 190 kinds of birds, 40 kinds of dragonflies and more than 200 kinds of butterflies and moths in the park. Indoor exhibitions of common animals and plants in wetland, such as Malay alligator, Malay turtle, local unique Hong Kong fighting fish, Hong Kong turbulent frog, etc.
Hong Kong Wetland Park is the first important ecotourism facility in Hong Kong, and has won the Hong Kong Institute of Architects annual Architectural Award.
There are three main exhibition galleries in the visitor center, each covering an area of 800-1200 square meters, displaying exhibits related to biodiversity, civilization development and natural care. In addition, there are screening rooms, gift shops, wetland teahouses, swamp calendar and water park for visitors to use.
Traffic information
1. Transfer to light rail line 705 or 706 at tianshuiwei station of MTR West Rail line, get off at Wetland Park Station and walk for 5 minutes.
2. Take bus 967 from Jinzhong (West) bus stop to junhongxuan stop, then walk for about 3 minutes.
3. Take jiuba 264m, 265m, 265s, 276a, 276b or 967 to Wetland Park station.
4. Take bus No.618 at Shenzhen Bay port to Wetland Park Station
Architectural style
There are three large exhibition halls and outdoor reserves in the park. In addition to displaying the natural wetland ecology, it also introduces a variety of indoor exhibitions of common animals and plants in the wetland, such as Malay alligator, Malay turtle, the unique Hong Kong fighting fish, Hong Kong turbulent frog, etc.
The small bay crocodile shellfish captured in June 2004 in the Bay River of Yuen Long also moved into the "home of shellfish" in the park in August 2006. The visitor center has three large exhibition halls, including an audio-visual theater (in the "human culture" exhibition hall), a computer interactive game "wetland Live Room" to promote environmental awareness, and a "wetland world" to display different wetland ecological environment.
Characteristics of scenic spots
Hongkong new lung
The breath of Hong Kong has always depended on the unknown fields of Yuen Long, Lantau, lion mountain, etc. until the return of Wetland Park, the lung of a new city, which not only uses the original natural oxygen, but also educates the valuable value beyond the city's survival logic at the spiritual level, as well as the visitors: Hong Kong is not only water Mud forest also has a delicate and fresh place.

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