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The Fireboat Alexander Grantham Museum

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The fireboat Alexander Grantham museum is located in Quarry Bay Park in the east of Hong Kong Island. The exhibition hall will show the fireboat Grantham made in Hong Kong in 1953 and retired in 2002.
The fireboat Alexander Grantham museum is located in Quarry Bay Park, East Hong Kong Island, 1953
Essential information
The Grantham was once the main fire-fighting vessel of the Hong Kong Fire Department. It was manufactured in Huangpu shipyard on June 30, 1953 and cost 4 million Hong Kong dollars. It was named after the then governor of Hong Kong, sir Grantham. It was the largest fire-fighting ship in Asia before it was decommissioned in 2002. The hull of Grantham is 38.9 meters long, 8.8 meters wide and 15 meters high, with a displacement of 511 tons and a speed of 11.7 knots. The ship is equipped with a number of medium attack throat pens, fire pumps, water cannons and fishing equipment for fire fighting, which can cope with the high-rise structural fire of large ocean going ships and can be used as a command ship for large-scale maritime accidents.
Main contributions
·In the 1960s, Hong Kong was responsible for the transportation of fresh water for the public
·Put out the fire of treasure seafood boat on October 31, 1971
·Put out the fire of Queen Elizabeth on January 9, 1972
·Put out the fire on the tanker dongzha in the early 1980s
·Put out the New Oriental Princess fire on August 25, 1993
Retirement arrangements
The Grantham was decommissioned in May 2002, and the elite took over as the flagship fire-fighting vessel of the fire department. It was temporarily moored in the Hong Kong dockyard of Tsing Yi. Due to the historic value and significance of the Grantham, the fire department contacted interested departments or groups as early as the beginning of 2002. At first, the authorities intended to place the Grantham in the Mawan theme park as a special scenic spot. Later, due to the developer's unwillingness to bear the maintenance expenses, they failed to reach an agreement, so the relevant proposal was rejected.
Subsequently, an agreement was reached between the Department and the leisure and Cultural Services Department to list the Grantham as a collection of the Hong Kong Museum of history and to open it to the public. The bank originally planned to be placed outside the "Brennan torpedo launching station" of the Hong Kong coastal defense Museum was later replaced by the central square of Quarry Bay Park. In order to collect exhibition materials more systematically, the leisure and Cultural Services Department has engaged Lingnan University to conduct a one-year data collection and research project on the history of the maritime rescue and fire fighting fleet. In addition, the Department of civil engineering and development electronically stored the Grantham number in a "three-dimensional" manner.
From May 1 to December 31, 2003, the exhibition of the relic of the fireboat Grantham, jointly sponsored by the leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Fire Department, was held in the Hong Kong coastal defense Museum, displaying the precious relic of the Grantham and introducing the exhibition hall project.
The whole project cost 35.6 million Hong Kong dollars. The construction of the exhibition hall started in October 2002, while the renovation of the Grantham was carried out from June 2005 to February 2006. On March 10, 2006, the gelinghong was towed to the construction site by the flagship crane ship "nantianlong" of Guangzhou Salvage Bureau, and hoisted and installed on the support. Considering the traditional taboo, the ship's bow direction was changed from the west to the East.
Exhibition hall design
The former central square will be converted into a semicircle pool for the location of the Grantham, and the hull will be hidden below the horizontal line. The exhibition hall is built around the pool, displaying a special exhibition with the theme of "the history of maritime rescue and fire-fighting ship service". On the Grantham, there is a special exhibition to introduce the work and life of firefighters on board at that time.
The exhibition hall and the Grantham are connected by a movable suspension bridge. Visitors can take a boat to visit.

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