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Xi'an city wall

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Xi'an city wall is a national AAAAA tourist attraction and a national key cultural relics protection unit.
Xi'an city wall is located in the central area of Xi'an, which is rectangular, including moat, drawbridge, gate tower, arrow tower, main tower, corner tower, enemy tower, parapet, crenel and a series of military facilities. It constitutes a set of strict and complete urban defense system in the era of cold weapons.
Xi'an city wall was built between the third and the eleventh years of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1370-1378 A.D.), and was expanded based on the imperial city wall of Sui and Tang Dynasties in the sixth century A.D. The Ming city wall is a rectangle with a circumference of about 13.79 kilometers, a height of 12 meters, a top width of 12 to 14 meters, and a bottom width of 15 to 18 meters. The wall is mainly made of loess, with a little lime, fine sand and wheat straw, mixed with water and rammed in layers. The city wall is flat and broad, and an enemy tower protruding from the wall is built every 120 meters. There are 98 buildings in the city. The distance between piers and abutments is equal. Every two enemy abutments can form a favorable fire attack point, thus effectively shooting and killing the enemies climbing the wall in wartime. A 2-meter-high buttress wall is built on the outer edge of the top of the city wall. There are 5984 buttresses left on it, which can not only shoot and watch, but also effectively avoid the enemy's arrows. A parapet with a height of half a person and no crenels is built in the top of the wall to prevent soldiers and baggage from falling when they go to and from the wall. At the four corners of the city wall are turrets projecting out of the city. Except the southwest corner is round, which may keep the original corner of Tang imperial city, others are square. Build a turret at each corner.
Outside the city wall there is a "moat" (moat) around the city wall. The moat is more than 30 meters wide and 12-15 meters deep. There are 6-meter-wide horse roads and 6 slopes in the city wall, which is convenient for the garrison to move to the city.
In Ming Dynasty, there were only four gates in the city wall, Changle gate in the East, Anding gate in the west, Yongning gate in the South and Anyuan gate in the north. Each gate is composed of 5 parts: suspension bridge, gate building, Arrow Building, urn city and main building. The suspension bridge is located on the moat, which is laid down in the daytime for easy access. It is hoisted at night to cut off traffic. The gate building is located in the suspension bridge. When there is an enemy situation, it will give an alarm. The arrow building is 30 meters high and 53 meters wide. There are four arrow windows on the front, 12 holes on each floor, three arrow windows on each side, and three holes on each floor. The urn city is a closed space between the archery tower and the main building. The wall of the urn city is 15 meters high and covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters. Once the foreign enemies invade the urn City, the garrison will stay high and attack from all sides, such as "catching turtles in the urn". The main building is the real gate in the innermost part. It is 33 meters high, divided into two layers, 40 meters long and 17 meters wide. These five parts constitute five lines of defense.
In the second year of Longqing (1568 A.D.), governor Zhang Zhi built a layer of blue bricks for the city wall. In Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, governor Bi Yuan added drainage system to the city wall. Since 1883, the people's government has carried out a comprehensive renovation of the city wall.
With the development of the city, on the basis of the four gates of the Ming city wall, Chaoyang Gate, Zhongshan Gate, Heping gate, Zhuque gate, Xiaonan gate, Hanguang gate, Yuxiang gate, Xiaobei gate, Shangde gate and Jianguo gate were successively opened.
Enemy platform
After the expansion of the Xi'an city wall in the Ming Dynasty, an enemy platform was built every 120 meters, protruding outside the city wall, with the top level with the wall surface, which was specially set for shooting and killing the enemies climbing the city. Half of the distance between the enemy's platforms is just within the effective range of the bow and arrow, which is convenient for shooting the enemy attacking the city from the side. There are 98 enemy towers on the wall, with garrisons on them.
Main building (city building), Arrow Building, gate building
In the age of cold weapons, the weapons are backward, and the gate is the only access. Therefore, this is the defense focus of the defenders. There are four gates in the East, West, South and north of Xi'an City, including the main tower, arrow tower and gate tower. The gate building is the most external, its function is to lift the suspension bridge; the arrow building is in the middle, with square windows on the front and both sides for archery; the main building is the main gate of the city.
In the four corners of Xi'an city wall, there are corner platforms protruding from the outside. Except that the southwest corner is round (probably to keep the original corner of Tang imperial city), other corner platforms are all square. The turret on the turret is bigger than the enemy's, which shows its important position in the war.
hot tip
At present, there are bicycle rental services in the East, South, West, North and other four doors. After cycling, you can return the bicycle in any of the above doors (the regulations of the scenic area will change, so it is recommended to consult and confirm when renting). At the same time, the four doors also provide sightseeing bus around service. You can take the sightseeing electric vehicle to circle the city wall for about 50 minutes. Due to seasons and other reasons, the time of renting bicycles varies from time to time. At that time, the phone or on-site consultation shall prevail.
Address: the city wall encircles the center of Xi'an. Most tourists go to the city from the South Gate (Yongning gate). The south gate is located at the intersection of the East and West sections of the South Ring Road of Xi'an city.
Type: Historic Site
Grade: AAAA
Play time: 1-3 hours recommended
Tel: 029-87272792
Official website:
Opening Hours:
South Gate (Yongning gate): 8:00-22:00 in summer (April October). 8:00-20:00 in winter (November to the end of March of the next year). (there are many gates in the city wall, and the opening hours of other gates shall be subject to telephone consultation or announcement on that day.)
Ticket information:
It's 54 yuan to climb the city. At present, Xi'an city wall and Xi'an Beilin Museum sell joint package tickets. Tourists can enjoy the above two scenic spots after purchasing the package tickets, with a face value of 100 yuan.

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