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Xi'an Heihe National Forest Park

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Xi'an Heihe National Forest Park is a national AAAA tourist attraction and National Forest Park.
Heihe Forest Park is located in the headwater of Heihe River and Zhouzhi County. 108 National highway runs through it and the traffic is very convenient. The park covers an area of 4941 hectares, with a forest coverage rate of 95%. It has three major scenic spots and more than 100 scenic spots. In the park, there are dense forests, carved peaks, jagged rocks, picturesque landscapes, rare animals such as giant panda, golden monkey, antelope, ancient plank road, Diaoyutai and other historical and cultural footprints. The mountain flowers in spring are blooming, the shade in summer is blocking the sun, the red leaves in autumn are all over the mountain, and the snow in winter is all over the mountain. It is known as Shangri La in the north.
The magnificent scenery and primitive natural features of Heihe forest park have attracted the special attention of WWF, which introduces the most popular international concept of ecotourism, cooperates with the park to build a harmonious unity of ecological protection and sustainable development, and creates the Western Shaanxi ecotourism demonstration area.
Heihe Forest Park is 80 kilometers away from Xi'an, covering an area of 4941 hectares, with a forest coverage rate of 95%. There are three scenic spots in the park, more than 100 scenic spots, including the source of Heihe River, the beautiful and spectacular scenery of the original forest of South Taibai Mountain, the ancient plank road site and the cultural landscape left by many ancient celebrities, as well as the breeding place and protection passage of the world's rare animals, giant pandas and golden monkeys, which make tourists enjoy themselves and forget to return.
The magnificent scenery and primitive natural features of Heihe Forest Park in Shaanxi Province have attracted special attention of WWF. Together with the forest park, the organization carried out the Qinling ecological protection and tourism development project in the South Taibai Mountain area at the source of the Heihe River, introduced the most popular international eco-tourism concept, realized the harmonious unity of natural protection and sustainable development, established the wildlife patrol system, built the panda villa, and committed to the development of eco-tourism.
Self service tour: take the shuttle bus from Fengqing road bus station in Xi'an to Zhouzhi County bus station, and transfer the shuttle bus from Zhouzhi to houwanzi, Banfang, dabonghe and other places to the Park Management Office (Shuiyuan Villa); or take the shuttle bus directly to houwanzi to enter the park park.
Self-driving travelling:
Route 1: from Xi'an along Xibao Expressway to Wugong station and then southbound to Zhouzhi County, or from Xibao south line to Zhouzhi County. From Zhouzhi to the south of the county, 12 kilometers to machiao Town, continue to the south, 46 kilometers to the Park Management Office (Shuiyuan Villa).
Route 2: from Xi'an to machao town along the mountain tour special line, 84 kilometers in total, and from machao to the South 46 kilometers to the Park Management Office (Shuiyuan Villa).
Admission ticket
55 yuan in peak season and 30 yuan in off season.

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