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Ginkgo biloba in ancient Guanyin Temple

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Ginkgo biloba is a cultural tourist attraction in the ancient Guanyin temple.
The ancient Guanyin temple was built in Zhenguan period of Tang Dynasty, about 1400 years ago. The most attractive thing in the temple is a thousand year old ginkgo tree, which is known as the most beautiful ginkgo tree in the world. It is said that it was planted by Li Shimin, the Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty. Every late autumn, ginkgo leaves fall one after another, and the golden leaves spread on the ground, attracting a large number of tourists at home and abroad to see the beautiful scenery.
The smart temple system was officially launched on October 18, 2017. From now on, visitors can make an appointment through the official wechat of "ancient Guanyin Temple". The viewing time of Ginkgo biloba in ancient Guanyin Temple is from October 28 to December 10, from 8:00 to 17:00 every day.
Up to 7200 appointments per day
The reservation system takes half an hour as a reservation period, and 400 people can be reserved in each period, and 7200 people can be reserved at most every day. Each wechat can book up to three people a day, and each person can carry up to one child under 1.2m.
When making an appointment, you need to fill in the personal identity information according to the requirements. After the appointment is successful, you need to go on time. The staff can enter the temple after scanning the appointment QR code. In case of failure to visit on time in case of emergency, it shall be cancelled 8 hours in advance. If the appointment fails to arrive, the account will be blocked for 7 days and cannot be reserved. Meanwhile, other time periods reserved by the account will also be invalid.
Address of guguanyin Temple: Luohandong village, dongdajie, Chang'an District, Xi'an City
Self driving: after arriving at fengyukou turntable of Huanshan road at Xiwan road and Ziwu Avenue, continue to drive about 5km west along Guanzhong ring road. Turn left at the pailou of shilitou village in the north of the road, turn right to the south, and drive about 500m to see the sign prompt.
Bus: transfer to No. 916 and No. 921 in the urban area, get off at Nansha village of Guanzhong ring line, and go straight south for about 10 minutes. There is an indication of "Guanyin Temple" on the left wall of the road.

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