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Qinling National Botanical Garden

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Qinling is the transition zone between the north and the south of China. It is the intersection of subtropical plants and warm temperate plants. It is also the boundary between the animals of the paleoarctic and the animals of the Oriental. The origin of the plants here is ancient, the vertical zoning of the vegetation is clear, the biodiversity is very rich, and it is a natural plant gene pool. There are 3436 species of plants, 197 families, 1006 genera, 722 species of animals, 207 species of macrofungi, 14 orders, 47 families, 112 genera, 130 species of common microorganisms.
Qinling National Botanical Garden is located in Zhouzhi County, Xi'an city. It starts from provincial highway S107 in the north, qinlingliang in the south, Heihe in the west, Zhouzhi County and Huxian County in the East. It is 70 kilometers away from the city center, with a total planning area of 639 square kilometers. It is the largest botanical garden in the world.
Qinling National Botanical Garden is a state-level super large comprehensive botanical garden jointly built by Shaanxi provincial government, State Forestry Administration, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi'an municipal government. The project started in June 1998. Based on the project of "comprehensive development, utilization and protection of superior biological resources in Qinba mountain area" undertaken by researcher Shen maocai, vice president of Xi'an Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the governor's office meeting decided to build Qinling botanical garden in June 2000. With the completion and opening of Qinling National Botanical Garden and the development of scientific research, science popularization, biodiversity protection, tourism and other aspects, Qinling National Botanical Garden will become a world-class large-scale biodiversity research and protection base with world-class level, obvious characteristics, rich biodiversity and significant comprehensive benefits, providing theory and Practice for biodiversity protection in China Practical experience makes positive contributions to the protection of the global environment.
Address: Daqu village, Zhouzhong Ring Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
Bus route: take the No.1 bus (Qinling National Botanical Garden Station) on the east side of the North Square of DaYanTa in Xi'an
Self driving route: Xi'an Ring Expressway - Xihan Expressway (under laoyukou toll station) - Huanshan Tourist Road (S107 provincial road) about 18km to the West - Qinling National Botanical Garden

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