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Xi'an City Sports Park

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 The urban sports park is located at No. 168, Weiyang Road, Weiyang District (West of Zhangjiabao Square). The first phase development area is more than 650 mu. More than 15000 arbors, 1 million shrubs and 160000 square meters of lawn are planted in the park. More than 100 precious tree species, such as Pinus bungeana, Liriodendron and torch tree, are introduced. The vegetation coverage rate is up to 80%. The whole park is surrounded by green, showing ecological and natural landscape of the park Concept also embodies the design concept of "moving in green, breathing in forest". Where there is water, there is aura. The excavation area of lake water in sports park is 35000 square meters, which enriches the landscape effect of the park and satisfies the desire of people in the city to be hydrophilic.

The sports park has background music in the park. No matter where you are in the park, you can enjoy the pleasant music sound, which helps visitors relax. The park has introduced more than 2000 sets of landscape lights, including new LED lights, lawn lights, ground lights, spotlights, courtyard lights, high pole lights, etc., in more than 20 forms. During the day, these landscape lights are the delicate ornament of the park. At night When it comes, these colorful lights will make the park colorful.
All kinds of sports venues in the sports park are built in accordance with international standards and have reached the level of hosting international events. They are all first-class venues in China. The park is divided into two areas as a whole: peripheral area and huxindao area. Huxindao area includes one football field, six tennis courts and four basketball courts. The roads connecting each venue are all plastic roads, which are very comfortable. Three landscape leisure squares Along the lake, there are many kinds of parking forms, including grassy slope, stacked stone, wooden plank road, etc., which enrich the landscape effect; there are two Landscape Bridges - Jianqiao and Kangqiao - leading to the lake center island area; there is an island in the lake center island area - Bamboo Island, which is connected by wooden plank road, and the island has rich vegetation landscape, enclosed space to plant a large number of bamboo, and the bamboo forest is equipped with chess table Stone bench, elegant, natural and secluded. In addition to the two main and auxiliary gymnasiums originally built in accordance with international standards, the peripheral area also includes the activity area for the elderly and children, the activity area for the three players basketball court, and the small rest square. Through the steps, steps, poplar trees and other landscape pieces, as well as the height difference of the sense of dislocation, a soft sports and leisure atmosphere is created. The children's playground is equipped with sand pit, overall children's activity equipment, children's football field, etc.; the overall children's fitness equipment field is paved with plastic, safe and comfortable. There are two gate courts and a maze in the activity area for the elderly, which are set up according to the physical characteristics of the elderly, fully reflecting the concept of national fitness and mass sports.
Address: No. 168, Weiyang Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an (Weiyang Square)
Type: City Park Stadium
Play time: 1 hour recommended
Tel: 029-86402898; 029-86402398

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