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Lianzhutan, Qinling

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Lianzhutan is a national AA level scenic spot.
Lianzhutan scenic spot is located in the south stone trough at the upstream of Fengyu River, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, on the north side of Qinling beam, 50 kilometers away from Xi'an city. The ditch is quiet, the forest is dense, the mountain is surrounded by water, and it is beautiful. In the valley, there are many peaks and precipitous mountains. The isolated peak flows into the clouds and rocks. Among the waterfall pools, there are flying dragons and beads. Countless strange cliffs and rocks are hidden in the dense forests and huge trees, with strange flowers and trees. There are seven waterfalls, such as the milky way hanging upside down, which are the show of Luhua River, the quiet of Qinling ridge, and the jade hanging beads Curtain, Golden Toad waiting for wood cutting, great sage worshiping Buddha, ice mountain ruins, huge stones like the sea, high mountains and meadows with flowers, primitive forests, strange trees and ancient pines, magnificent scenery, or seeking seclusion in the valley. Or climb to the top to see the small mountains, the mountains overlapping peaks, boundless green, boundless snow. There are pools under the waterfalls. The waterfalls fall into the pools, arousing thousands of layers of fog, forming thousands of rainbow. Being in the garden, it is like entering a fairyland. The whole scenic area is located in a deep valley, with a stream accompanying tourists all the way. There are many pools and waterfalls in the scenic area, which is very cool.
Dense jungle deep into the valley, the murmuring Valley suddenly open, stone bench, stone table has become a good place for people to rest. A waterfall flies to QianChuan. On the cliff in front of it, a hundred meter long steel plank road stretches along the cliff to the top of the mountain, which is very spectacular. On the right side of the plank road, several continuous waterfalls pour down. Under the plank road, looking up to the upstream of the waterfall, there are more than ten continuous waterfalls formed by the strong rocks of the stairs, each with a height of seven or eight meters, such as curtain, which is particularly spectacular. From the plank road overlooking the cascades of waterfalls, a series of natural pits formed by the impact of the water on the rocks below are carried out for more than 70 meters as a ladder, forming ten natural pools, which are connected with the Buddha's Pearl Lake Waterfall, which is magnificent. This is the essence of Lian Zhu Tan scenic spot, Lian Zhu Tan.
Lianzhutan scenic area has a major feature, dense forests, tourists can not sun. There is a forest in the scenic spot, surrounded by many vines. Here, the thick arm vines and the thin vines are intertwined. Some of them are intertwined on the trees, while others are directly dragged on the ground. The whole forest is full of primitive colors, which makes all the tourists marvelous. Some of the vines were like swings, and some of the children sat on them and swung. Old trees and vines block the sun and are very cool. It can be camped here or eaten and stayed in an inn. It's a great place to spend summer and summer.

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