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Guanzhong Academy

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Guanzhong Academy is a cultural relic protection unit in Shaanxi Province.
Shuyuan Gate Street is located in the east side of the south gate. In the 37th year of Wanli reign of the Ming Dynasty (1609), because the Baoqing temple where Feng Congwu, a famous scholar in Shaanxi, gave lectures, was difficult to accommodate, so the "xiaoxiyuan" in the east of Baoqing temple was transformed into "Guanzhong academy", which became the highest institution in Shaanxi at that time. The academy is located in the north and south. There are many buildings in the Academy, such as the gate, the second gate, the hall (Lecture Hall), the left and right huts and the East and West rooms. In the thirty ninth year of Wanli (1611), the "middle heaven Pavilion of siduozhong" (demolished due to leakage in 1965) was built in the northwest of the academy to worship Confucius. In the sixth year of tomorrow (1626), Qiao Yingjia, governor of Shaanxi Province, destroyed the Academy. In the early years of Guangxu, the Academy took shape. In 1906, it was changed to "the first normal school in Shaanxi". At the beginning of the Republic of China, it was changed to "Shaanxi Provincial Normal School", now it is "Xi'an Normal School of Shaanxi Province". In 1988, Xi'an normal university built four two-story hard mountain teaching buildings to the east of the central axis.
At present, there are still two vestibules, Yunzhi hall, Jingyi hall, Eastern and Western Corridor verandahs and other ancient buildings in the Academy, forming four courtyards before and after. The first and second halls are all five hard mountain buildings with front porches. The hall is five rooms wide. The exposed part of the front facade protrudes southward and outwards, and the next part protrudes northward. The plane is in a "sub" shape. It is 27 meters long from north to south, 22 meters wide from east to west, with a building area of 487.5 square meters. The roof is made up of two hard mountains and a Xieshan building. The back eaves of Xieshan are covered with houses. The two sides of the gables are overhanging. Each gable is provided with a gate and a platform. Jingyi hall is five rooms wide, with the Ming room closed in. The plane is in the shape of "concave". It is 12 meters long from north to south, 18 meters wide from east to west, and the building area is 226 square meters. The roof form is the same as that of Yingzhi hall. The two halls are of beam lifting type, with no bucket arch at the end of the column and on the architrave. In addition, there is a memorial archway in the south of the Academy, entitled "Guanzhong academy". There are five flanking halls on the left and right of Jingyi hall, five rooms on each side, and fifty rooms on the East and West. Many of these buildings have been rebuilt in recent years.
Guanzhong Academy was announced by Xi'an Municipal People's government as a municipal key cultural relics protection unit in 1983 and the third batch of provincial key cultural relics protection units by Shaanxi Provincial People's Government in 1992.

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