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Hancheng Lake Scenic Area (Hancheng Lake Park)

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Hancheng Lake scenic spot (Hancheng Lake Park) is a national AAAA level scenic spot and a national water conservancy scenic spot.
Hancheng lake, located in the northwest of Xi'an City, used to be Tuanjie reservoir.  The total length from Daxing Road to Fengcheng third road is 6.27km. The right bank is close to the North 2nd Ring Road and Zhuhong Road, and the left bank is close to the site of Chang'an city of Han Dynasty. The widest and narrowest part of the lake is 80m, the narrowest part is 30m, the water depth is 4-6m, the total storage capacity is 1.37 million cubic meters, forming 850 Mu lake. The area of the garden landscape with the theme of water culture and Han culture in kuzhou is 1031 mu. It integrates flood control and security, landscape, water ecology, cultural relics protection and urban agricultural irrigation.
According to historical records, in the Han Dynasty, this is the water transport channel of Chang'an city. It starts from cheliu village of Sanqiao in Xi'an in the West and ends at Guojia village in the north. It was responsible for the transportation of goods in the capital at that time. At that time, the scenery of the canal was beautiful. Every spring, many princes and ministers traveled on both sides of the canal.
Seoul Lake scenic area was officially opened to the public on October 1, 2011. In addition to a large area of water landscape, the two sides also plan to build seven theme scenic spots, including Fengchan world, Bacheng Yicai, Hanqiao water town, Jiaolou Diecui, Yujing Fuang, liuguangbingwan, and anmen Shengshi. 24 groups of sculptures, 29 historical and cultural squares, 15 cruise terminals, and 9 cross Lake bridges will be built in 2013. Through sculpture, architecture and other forms, show the history and culture of Xi'an in Han Dynasty. A new tourism highlight with beautiful environment, complete service facilities, elegant leisure and entertainment and rich cultural connotation will be offered to the general public and tourists,
Lake Music Fountain
The lake music fountain is located in Fengchan Tianxia scenic area on the west side of Zhuhong Road, with a length of 100 meters from north to South and a main fountain height of 60 meters. The nozzle is not under the lake at ordinary times. When it is started, the water gushes out from the lake, which is very spectacular.  The fountain lasts for 30 minutes and consists of three chapters. It can display a variety of water curtain shapes under the control of computer.
"Water rhyme" music fountain performance starts at 8:30 every night in Fengchan Tianxia area, lasting for 20 minutes.
Relief of the great wind of the Han Dynasty
Tianhan Xiongfeng relief is located in Jiaolou Diecui scenic area, with a length of 200 meters. It is the largest relief in Xi'an at present. Through a series of well-known allusions such as Wen Jingzhi, Zhang Qian's emissary, ban Chao's Anbian, Zhao Jun's going to the frontier, Su Wu's sheep herding, and the battle of Mobei, we can show the brilliant achievements in politics, economy, culture, science and technology of the two Han Dynasties in the past 400 years.
Qinling miniaturized scene
Tourists can enjoy a miniature view of Qinling Mountains and waters by boating on the lake. The landscape, backed by the magnificent relief of the Han Dynasty, uses rockeries, waterfalls, simulated vegetation, etc. to create a landscape map of the Qinling Mountains, integrating famous landscapes such as Huashan, Cuihua Mountain, fengyukou, laoyukou, Louguantai, jiulongtan, etc.
Each exhibition of Baqiao
There are 8 new or decorated bridges on the 6.27 km long water surface. 8 bridges have different styles and beautiful shapes, among which, Xianshang bridge and Chongwei bridge are triple hole arch bridges with simple shapes; Huilan bridge is a single hole arch bridge with long rainbow lying on the waves; Hongming bridge and Yulian bridge are uplifted with half moon water.
Address: northwest corner of the interchange between Zhuhong road and North 2nd Ring Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an
Type: Lake
Grade: AAAA
Play time: 1-2 hours recommended
Tel: 029-86119717; 029-86483430

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