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Huimin Street

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The north gate is located in the north of the drum tower. It belongs to the imperial city of Tang Dynasty, and Shangshu province is located here. In song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing Zhaofu, Fengyuan road general manager's office and Xi'an Office were all set up in and around this street. In the Qing Dynasty, the courtyard of the northern governor's department and the courtyard of the governor's department to the south of Jinxi street were respectively called "the northern courtyard" and "the Southern Courtyard", hence the name of the northern courtyard of this street. In 1900, Empress Dowager Cixi fled to Xi'an with Emperor Guangxu. She used to live in the northern courtyard, which was called the "walking Palace". At that time, all the silver articles were gathered here, and the silver shop came into being. At that time, the Huihe nationality in the western region helped Guo Ziyi to calm down the "rebellion of an and Shi". When Guo Ziyi returned to Chang'an from Gansu, he brought back more than 200 Huihe generals and entourages. They lived near the big learning lane to study the laws of the Tang Dynasty and the culture of the Han people, so The Place was named "university learning lane" and gradually expanded into the West Ann's back to the house Today's Beiyuanmen Huifang cultural street is a circular tourist promenade formed by Beiyuanmen, Xiyang city and Huajue lane, with a total length of 1100 meters, which is commonly known as "Huimin Street". In the block, there are ancient Ming and Qing architectural styles, Drum Tower in the south, memorial archway in the north, Moslem temple and ancient residence courtyard inlaid in the rows of shops and restaurants. Stepping into it, it is a unique historical and cultural tourism block with ancient city style and modern civilization, with bluestone inlaid in the ground, gold plaque laid, old streets full of brocade and delicious fragrance.
Huimin street is famous as a district with a concentrated diet. Although it is now regarded as a tourist destination for foreign tourists, in fact, local residents have always regarded it as the main place for eating snacks, shopping and leisure, especially in the summer night market, there are more people eating here to cool off their time. In fact, the whole "Huifang" area is full of restaurants, all kinds of halal restaurants and stalls are closely linked, including some of the most recognized time-honored shops. In addition to Beiyuanmen, xuexuexiang and Xiyang City, the area of "Huifang" also includes Dapiyuan, Dongyang City, beiguangji street, qiaozikou and other large areas. Old Xi'an called this area "Fangshang", in which we can explore the most real life of the most common people in Xi'an. It is not easy to find a few places to go deeper from Huimin street. There are relatively few tourists from other places.
The Huimin street at night is different from that in the daytime. The whole street is covered by strong city atmosphere. There are various pavements with electric lights and steam lights on both sides of the road, mainly selling cakes, dried fruits, preserves and snacks. Behind these stalls are many restaurants that run local snacks. When there are many people, not only are they full of people, but also there are tables and chairs in front of them. Barbecue kebabs and rinsed tripe fireworks filled the whole street in the light of not very bright light. The bustling crowd were strolling and eating. When they saw the favorite things on the stall, they negotiated with the stall owner. You can also go to the seats in the Drum Tower Square to have a rest and watch the kite vendor put the kite tens of meters long on the top of the high-rise building across the road. Everything is full of real and lively life enthusiasm The recommended reference shop for individual snacks in catering / accommodation / shopping - baozi stuffed with beef, mutton and soup: "jiasanguantang baozi" Fried rice: "fried rice with red sauerkraut" Babao porridge and sour plum soup: it's available in every family and tastes good. The best recommendation is "Xiaojia Babao porridge" in dapihuan, which specializes in these kinds of food. The Babao mash and pot stickers in the shop are also quite good Barbecue: it's from every family. It's good. It is recommended that "fangshangrenjia barbecue" and "Haijia barbecue" opposite Jia San and "Pingwa barbecue" are also recommended Stir fried steamed bun: the "Laowu family stir fried steamed bun" in dapihuan is next to the "Xiaojia Babao porridge"; the "first bowl in Shaanxi" in Xiyang city Paste spicy soup: the "Liu family paste spicy soup" of dapihuan needs to go early, preferably early in the morning. Generally, it will be sold out and closed in the morning Halal casserole: "Jinjia casserole" and "Musa casserole" of dapihuan Beef and mutton dumplings: the "Wangjia Dumpling House (Dumpling King)" in the east of Dapiyuan Beef noodles: "yifenli noodle restaurant", which is the same shop as the "yifenli snack town" not far away, is divided to sell noodles. The meals of the two families can be exchanged Take bus No. 4, 7, 15, 32, 43, 45, 201, 205, 206, 215, 218, 221, 222, 251, 300, 604, 611, 612, 612, k630, you 8 (610) and get off at Gulou station.

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