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Xiangji Temple good guide tower

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Xiangji temple Shandao tower is located in Xiangji temple, Xiangji village, the intersection of two rivers, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. The temple is a famous ancient temple in the Tang Dynasty. It was built in the second year of emperor Lixian's divine dragon in the middle of the Tang Dynasty (AD 706). It was built by the disciples of the Buddhism Pure Land Sect to commemorate the good guidance of their ancestors.
On June 25, 2001, the State Council announced the fifth batch of key cultural relics under state protection.
Xiangji temple Shandao tower is located at the intersection of two rivers, Chang'an District, Xi'an city. The tower is 9.5m long at the bottom of the square plane
brief introduction
After master Shandao passed away in 681, his disciple, Huai Yun, buried the remains of his predecessor in shenheyuan, and built the Shandao tower on which we can see it. The original tower has 13 floors on all sides. The top of the tower has been damaged for a long time, and the existing part is about 11 floors. Later, a temple was built in front of the pagoda. It was named Xiangji Temple because of Xiangji weir nearby.
Xiangji temple is close to the mountain and by the water. In the past, the temple was towering, the ancient tower was towering, the cigarettes were winding around, and the ancient trees were towering. Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, once wrote Xiangji temple, praising: "I don't know Xiangji temple, but I went to Yunfeng for several miles. Where is the bell in the deep mountain. The sound of the spring swallows the dangerous stone, the sun is cold and the pines are green, the evening is empty and the pond is winding, and the Zen is used to make the poisonous dragon. "
Shandao tower, square in plane, 9.5m long at the bottom and less than 4m long at the top, is a rare square tower in the Tang tower. The tower is a close eave type of imitation wood structure, with 13 layers of brick, which has been cracked. There are 11 existing floors, with a total height of 33 meters. The bottom layer is higher, and the above layers suddenly become lower, but the distance between the eaves is larger than that of the general eaves tower, and the side width also decreases from the bottom to the top. There are four brick raised square pillars on each side of each layer. Each side is divided into three parts, the middle part is the coupon door, the two sides are the false windows, the East, the West and the north sides of the bottom layer are each provided with a coupon shaped niche, the south side is provided with a door, the tower body is painted with red columns, the bucket arch and the window lattice The structure. The tower gate is inscribed with the word "grand event of Nirvana". It was rebuilt during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. The tower is empty to the bottom, the rooms are square, and each floor is separated by wooden floor. From 1979 to 1980, the tower base, body and eaves of Shandao tower were reinforced and repaired, and the stairs inside the tower were added. The stairs could go up to the top of the tower, and the doors and windows of each floor could be viewed from the outside, which could get the pleasure, feeling and interest of visiting. Looking at the vast area of pingchou and the good fields and paths, looking at the wonderful peaks and boulders of Zhongnan mountain, floating clouds and smoke, it's really a strong mind.
Related figures
Shandao (613-680 A.D.), also known as Guangming monk, was one of the founders of Pure Land Buddhism. During his stay in Guangming temple, he vigorously promoted the pure land belief. It's said that there were 100000 volumes of the Sutra of the Buddha, and the pure land was painted in the form of three hundred walls, which was highly respected by the monks and customs of Chang'an. There were many believers. When he died, his disciples built a tower for him to commemorate him. The religious meaning of pure land had a great influence after it was passed on to Japan in the eighth century A.D., and they respected the good and led to the high ancestor. After the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Japanese friends from all walks of life and believers of Pure Land Sect came to shandaota to worship. On May 14, 1980, on the occasion of the 1300th anniversary of the death of master Shandao, the Buddhist circles of China and Japan held a Dharma meeting in Xiangji temple to commemorate master Shandao, thus further enhancing the friendly exchanges between the two peoples.
Protection status
In May, 1980, the Buddhist circles of the two countries held a ceremony in Xiangji temple for the 1300 anniversary of the death of the good master. Xiangji temple tower was announced as the first batch of provincial key cultural relics protection units by Shaanxi Provincial People's Committee in 1956. In 2001, it was included in the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

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