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Great Mosque of Xi'an

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The temple was built at an unknown time. There is a monument to the creation of a mosque written by Wang Zhen in the first year of Tianbao (742 A.D.) of the Tang Dynasty. There is a legend that it was built in the Tang Dynasty. However, it was proved by scholars at home and abroad, such as Hai Sibo, Chen Yuan, Bai Shouyi, sang Yuanzhu Zang, Yang Xiaochun, to be a false trust in the Ming Dynasty. In addition, the location of the mosque in the Tang Dynasty belonged to the right Wuwei and right Xiaowei of the Tang Dynasty imperial city There is no possibility for the government office to move to build a temple. It is also unreliable to say that it was rebuilt in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty and called back to Wanshan temple, because the yuan steles stored in the temple were the false trust of the Ming Dynasty; in the 25th year of Hongwu (1392) of the Ming Dynasty, they were repaired and expanded again, which was called the Qing repair school; in the 30th year of Qianlong (1765) of the Qing Dynasty, the religious people again raised money to rebuild, which was called the mosque. Later, it was repaired many times. In 1984, under the care of the government, the temple was completely repaired. In 1956, Shaanxi Provincial People's government announced it as a provincial key cultural relics protection unit.
Chinese Name: Xi'an Huajue lane, MoSi postal district code 710002 geographical location: Huajue lane, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province covers an area of more than 4000 square meters. The current Dean Ma Liangji's country, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China opening hours: 8:00-19:00. The ticket price is 25 yuan in peak season and 15 yuan in off season. It's suitable for all seasons
Introduction to mosque
Later, it was repaired many times. In 1984, under the care of the government, the temple was completely repaired. In 1956, Shaanxi Provincial People's government announced it as a provincial key cultural relics protection unit.
Mosque layout
The temple faces east and West. The whole temple is an east-west rectangle, surrounded by blue brick walls, covering an area of about 18 mu. The temple is divided into four courtyards along the east-west axis, with a total building area of more than 4000 square meters.
In the first courtyard, the brick wall and the wooden archway are separated. After the archway, there are five buildings, each of which is ancient and elegant.
In the middle of the second courtyard, there is a stone archway with three rooms and four columns. The lintel is engraved with "tianjianzaizi", and the lintels on both sides are engraved with "qinjizhaoshi" and "pious provincial rites". There is a corridor in front of and behind the archway, and two stone tablets are built on both sides, embedded in the brick niche. In 1606, fengcongwu wrote the inscription of chici rebuilt mosque in the 34th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, which was engraved with five large buildings of Mi Fu's calligraphy "Daofa can be seen in the heaven and earth"; in the 37th year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (the inscription of the inscription of the mosque was built in 1772), which was engraved with five big characters of Dong Qichang, the Minister of rites, in the calligraphy of "chici worship Temple".
The third entrance is the Imperial Hall, which is the main gate of the mosque built in Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty. The hall is three wide. Single eaves rest on the top of the mountain, Zhumen gold nails, brick and silver carvings, hanging on the door the gold character horizontal board of "Zhici worship Temple", the same as Dong Qichang's calligraphy. There is an Arabic "moon tablet" in the hall, which records the calculation method of Arabic calendar. In the center of the backyard, there is the Provincial Center building, also known as the bunker building. It is an octagonal three-story triple eaves harbor spire with a wooden structure. The fourth entrance is the main body of the temple. On the west side, there is a worship hall with a single eaves and a rest mountain style. It has a green glass roof, five steps of a Dougong, seven rooms in width, four rooms in depth, three rooms in width and three in depth. The plane of the hall is convex, covering an area of 1300 square meters, and can accommodate more than 1000 people to worship. The ceiling is set, and the floor is paved with wooden boards. The ceiling caisson is composed of more than 600 color paintings, all of which are geometric patterns in Arabic. The walls of the kiln hall are covered with carvings. In the pattern of tangled branches and vines, ancient orchid scriptures are carved. The colors are gorgeous and resplendent. The South and North gables of the eaves are full of brick carvings and flowers. The carvings are fine and full of texture, which are the best of brick carvings in Qing Dynasty. There is a spacious platform in front of the hall, surrounded by stone railings. The whole building forms a magnificent classical building community. With its perfect composition, regular layout, left and right reflection zones, and prominent features in the center, it has become an outstanding representative of Chinese mosque classical architecture.
There are many plaques and plates in the temple, which is a collection of moral education aphorisms and calligraphy and calligraphy. There are many precious trees, flowers and plants in the temple, which reflect each other's branches and make the worshipers feel in the valley. Every day, Muslims from all over the country or overseas come to worship in the temple, and a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists come to visit it.
The inscription on the creation of a mosque
He was granted the title of Zhuan by Jinshi, wailang, a member of the household department, and Hongzhuan, the official of the imperial history. When one hears of a hundred times without being confused, one's way is also, and when one feels a hundred times, one's heart is also. However, once the saints' hearts and minds are in the same way, they are not confused. Therefore, there are sages in the four seas. The so-called sages have the same idea. Mohamed, the sage of the western regions, lived in the kingdom of heaven after he was born with Confucius. How many places did he go to in the world of Chinese sage? What is the difference between the two languages? The same is true of one's heart. Once upon a time, there was a saying: a thousand saints and one heart, and a gift from all ages. Believe it. But the world is far away, and the Scriptures are still there. Those who have heard about it know the sages of the west city. They are born with gods. They know the principle of heaven and earth transforming into life. They say that the body is clean by bathing, the heart is fed by lust, the heart is fed by fasting, the heart is fed by forbearance, the heart is cultivated by going to evil and moving to good, the heart is always sincere, the material is sensed by marriage smoke, and the body is sent by death and mourning, so that the big is the steel belt ethics, and the small is the daily life Food and rest, regardless of the way, regardless of the education, regardless of the heaven. Although the program is complicated, it is mainly about meeting its integrity, and it is mainly about transforming the nature of all things. The way of doing things can be done in one word, not more than seeking respect from the heart.

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