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Shaanxi nature museum

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 Shaanxi Museum of nature is located on the Zhouzhou Island, No. 88, Chang'an South Road, Xi'an city. The Museum covers an area of 90 mu, with a building area of 16000 square meters. The whole building takes the TV Tower as the symmetry point, including two pavilions, science and technology and nature. The two pavilions are respectively in the shape of glass spheres and crescent moon, like "sun" and "Moon", which contains the lofty meaning of "sun and moon shine together". If you want to visit the whole exhibition hall carefully, it will take about 5 hours.

The spherical glass building is a science and technology exhibition hall, with a construction area of 7165 square meters. It has facilities and science and technology exhibition items such as science and technology outline, sound and light tunnel, dome cinema, viewing platform, etc.; the half moon shaped sunken building is a natural exhibition hall, with a construction area of 8940 square meters. It has theme exhibition halls such as geological Vientiane, ancient life corridor, magical Qinling Mountains, insect kingdom, light of life, etc.
In addition, there is the only large dome theater in the northwest, with a spherical outer diameter of 22 meters, a hemispherical screen diameter of 18 meters, a screen tilt of 30 degrees, and 183 audience seats. There is also a viewing platform attached to the museum. Visitors can sit down and enjoy the surrounding scenery. TV Tower, harmony square, Qujiang Exhibition Center You can have a panoramic view of the buildings around you. If you sit here and chat with your friends, you can enjoy it very much Take bus No. 19, 44, 106, 212, 215, 217, 229, 239, 321, 323, 408, 526, 527, 600, K600, 603, k631, 704, 905, you 9 (320), 4-01 to the "TV Tower" station Admission / opening time: 30 yuan / person; free for children over 70 years old with senior citizen's license and children under 1.2m; half ticket for students, soldiers and disabled people. With the annual ticket for Shaanxi tourism in 2008, you can enjoy a half price of 15 yuan (as of March 30, 2009, no limit to the number of free visits) Opening hours: 9:00-17:00; closed on Monday Tel: 029-85331352

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