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Tomb of General Yang Hucheng

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The famous patriotic general Yang Hucheng's mausoleum was built 1km east of Weiqu Town, Chang'an District, with fengqiyuan as its back and dugong temple as its north side. It has a beautiful environment and beautiful scenery. The shape of the tomb is solemn, and green bricks are built around the earth.
This name is Yang Hucheng, another name is Yang Zhongxiang, born on November 26, 1893, died on September 6, 1949
Completion time of cemetery
After several renovations and additions, the cemetery has become the current scale: the gate is magnificent and solemn, with the words "1949" on the forehead, taking the year of general's death; there are "1957", when the gate of the cemetery was completed, the seven gold characters of "Yanghucheng general cemetery" written by Zhao Shoushan, the former governor of Shaanxi Province.
When entering the cemetery gate, four big characters of "meritorious officials of ancient times" inlaid with white jade are reflected on the slope. Looking up, you can see the stele Pavilion. Step up 46 stone steps and you will arrive at the stele Pavilion. There are four stone steles in the center of the pavilion. On the front of the pavilion are nine characters written by Marshal Yang Hucheng on December 12, 1981. On the back is a message of condolence written by Zhao Puchu in 1984 to the family of General Yang Hucheng by the 0 Central Committee of the people's Republic of China on December IO, 1949.
On the east end of a vast expanse of Berlin, there are mausoleums of song Qiyun and song Zhenzhong. On the west end, there are mausoleums of General Yang's adjutants Jiming and Zhang Xingmin. This is the Tomb of General Yang Hucheng and his wife Xie Baozhen and his second son Zhengzhong and - 16 steps north. South down 8 stone steps is "General Yang Hucheng Memorial."
The mausoleum is built on a flat ground, and there are three mausoleums, from west to East, respectively: "the tomb of martyr Yang Zhengzhong", "the tomb of martyr Xie Baozhen (6-year-old Zheng GUI and his mother were buried together)" and "the tomb of revolutionary martyr Yang Hucheng general".
The size of General Yang Hucheng's tomb
The tomb of General Yang Hucheng, with a circumference of about 30 meters and a height of about 5 meters, is carved with figures, flowers and animals. It is tall and magnificent. Surrounded by lush cypresses, the tomb is especially solemn and respectful.
The memorial room is a small courtyard with four heads. The unique and elegant flowers, plants and trees add a lot of color to the memorial room. The exhibition room is divided into two parts: the first part is the death of the martyrs, showing 59 photos. The second part is 28 precious historical photos of the party, the state and the people mourning the general. These precious historical materials introduced the life and deeds of Yang Hucheng, as well as the party and people's high praise and cordial memory for General Yang, which is a vivid patriotic education for the vast number of visitors.

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