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Xi'an Incident Memorial Hall

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The Xi'an Incident Memorial Hall is located in Zhang Xueliang mansion, No. 69, Jiazi, Jianguo Road, Xi'an City (formerly No. 5, jinjiaxiang). It is built on the main site of the "Xi'an Incident". The Museum held "General Zhang Xueliang's life exhibition", "General Yang Hucheng's life exhibition" and "Xi'an Incident" and other basic exhibitions. There are more than 700 historical photos, a large number of historical documents and dozens of cultural relics on display.
The former site of Xi'an Incident includes the residence of General Zhang Xueliang and General Yang Hucheng, the residence of General Zhang Xueliang and the residence of General Zhang Xueliang during the incident; the yellow building of the headquarters new town; and the main activity places of the incident and handling work, such as gaoguizi mansion, Xijing guest house, HuaQingChi five halls, etc.
Zhiyuan is located in the west side of Zhiyuan Hotel, Qingnian Road, Xi'an city. It used to be the villa of General Yang Hucheng, also known as yanghucheng mansion. The environment is very quiet. The villa has now been opened as a memorial hall of General Yang Hucheng, which contains the relics of General Yang Hucheng and some documents of Xi'an Incident.
Zhang Xueliang mansion is located at No. 69, Jiazi, Jianguo Road, Xi'an City, commonly known as "Zhang mansion", which is composed of three small buildings arranged in East and West. Zhang Xueliang lived in the West building. After the Xi'an Incident, general Zhang Xueliang arranged the 0 delegation to stay in the East building.
Xincheng Huanglou is located in the courtyard of the people's Government of Shaanxi Province. It is the headquarters for general Zhang and general yang to launch the Xi'an Incident, and also the location of Xi'an pacification office. After his capture, Chiang was first taken to the East drawing room of Huanglou and transferred to the gaoguizi mansion a few days later.
Gaoguizi mansion is located in Xuanfeng bridge, Jianguo Road, Xi'an City, adjacent to Zhang Xueliang mansion, jinjiaxiang. It used to be Chiang's residence. More than 10 people, including Chen Cheng and Wei Lihuang, who came to Shaanxi with him, and Song Meiling and Song Ziwen, who later arrived in Xi'an from Nanjing, all lived here.
Xijing guest house is located in the northwest of the intersection of Jiefang Road and Xisi road in Xi'an city. It was built by Yang Hucheng in the early 1930s for entertaining key personnel. In those days, Chen Cheng, Zhu Shaoliang, Jiang Dingwen and other important military and political officials who came to Shaanxi with Chiang lived here Transportation take bus No. 5, 7, 8, 14, 20, 25, 27, 29, 30, 37, 40, 41, 43, 45, 102, 201, 203, 213, 213, 218, 235, 300, 500, 601, 602, 604, k605, 606, 607, 611, 612, 612, k630, 702, 704, 705, 710, 714, you 6 at the "dachaoshi" station, and get off at the first East intersection 100 meters to the South and East That's it Tickets / opening hours are free (currently under maintenance, expected to open in October 2008) Tel: 029-87418265.

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