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Xiangyu Forest Park

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Xiangyu Forest Park is located at the north foot of Qinling Mountains and under Guanyin Mountain in the Dongda town of Chang'an District, Xi'an City, 36.9 kilometers away from Xi'an. It can be reached by driving West for 10 minutes from Xifeng road to Huanshan road. It is a rare primitive ecological tourist area in Guanzhong with Jiangnan charm. It is said that this place is Guanyin Daochang. It is named after the auspicious cloud. Li Bai, the immortal poet of poetry, once traveled in admiration. Now it has become the nearest tourist resort in Xi'an.
Xiangyu Forest Park is located in xiangyugou village, Dongda Town, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, opening hours: 8:00-17:00, scenic spot level AAA ticket price gate price: 30 yuan (insurance plus 1 yuan), Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China
geographical environment
It is said that this place is Guanyin Daochang. It is named after the auspicious cloud. Li Bai, the immortal poet of poetry, once traveled in admiration. To modern times, Longteng Bigu forum has been promoting Dharma and benefiting life in Zhongnanshan. Xiangyu Forest Park from the entrance of the mountain gate to Nanya Songtao dozens of kilometers of natural scenic area, there are many scenic spots. There are many peaks, marvelous workmanship and various shapes; the pines are verdant, the forests are luxuriant, the sky is covered by trees, the paths are clear, the flowing water is gurgling, the clouds are flowing, the purple air is curling around, and the sea of clouds is boundless.
The gate of AAA type park is towering in a thousand mu basin, surrounded by 6000 mu of pine, poplar, bamboo and locust ancient forests. 60 first-class farm buildings in Guanzhong are hidden in the forest of Yehai. Three distinctive holiday resorts and two swimming pool fishing parks are dotted with them. A concrete welcome Avenue with a width of 7 meters is winding through the basin along the four seasons long stream and clear Xianghe river , the morning bell, the water, the curtain, the drum and the birds are singing. They are drawn into a harmonious picture of moving and static, ancient and modern. With a total length of 9 kilometers, the ecological tourist area has a history of "showing". Li Taibai, the poet, is a famous tourist. The stone terrace footpath with a length of KM and a width of 1.5m and the hanging rock trestle with a length of more than 300m form a scene. There are hundreds of Ming mountains, ten thousand butterflies and streams dancing by the side, nine curtains of music and cascading waterfalls, six mysterious caves, thousands of ancient flowers and trees, the narrowest sky gap in Shenzhou, a unique avalanche and flying stone, a intermittently passive divine spring, a wild Baiguo Dongping, Nanya wanqingsongtao and other natural landscapes along the tourist footpath Bend away.
natural resources
Xiangyu Forest Park is located in the transitional zone between the north and the south of China. It has floristic elements of both north and central China and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. There are more than 800 seed plants in the area, many of which are single species, few genera and endemic plants in China. There are more than 20 kinds of rare and endangered plants under the state's key protection, including Taibai Redwood, Green Sandalwood, Shuiqing tree, Lianxiang tree, Lingchun wood, Qinling fir, saguary spruce, monocotyledon grass, Gastrodia elata, wild soybean, etc. According to the altitude, there are deciduous oak forest landscape belt, birch forest landscape belt and fir forest landscape belt from bottom to top.
The unique geographical location and good forest ecosystem provide conditions for the survival and reproduction of wild animals. Because this area is located in the boundary between the paleoarctic and the Oriental, it breeds a variety of wild animals. Preliminary investigation shows that there are more than 250 kinds of wild animals in the area, including more than 160 kinds of birds, more than 70 kinds of beasts, more than 20 kinds of amphibians and reptiles, and a large number of forest insects. There are more than 20 kinds of rare wild animals under the state's key protection, such as giant panda, golden monkey, antelope, leopard, hyacinth, blue sheep, musk deer, golden pheasant, pheasant and giant salamander. Xiangyu Forest Park is a natural paradise for wild animals. It is full of monkeys, antelopes, birds and butterflies.
Main attractions
Xiangyu Forest Park, established in Xiangyu village, Xiangyu Township, Chang'an County, is the only private forest park in Shaanxi Province. With an area of 1914 hectares and an altitude of 700-2000 meters, it is divided into three scenic spots: qingshuicha, gongcaogou and Yuanshan, with more than 30 scenic spots and sceneries. It has beautiful mountains and rivers, dense forests and grass, 94.5% forest coverage, mainly natural secondary forests, rich seasonal changes and different scenery in four seasons. In spring, the mountain flowers are in full bloom; in midsummer, the slopes are green, cool and pleasant; in autumn, the frost leaves are like fire, and the fruits hang on the branches; in winter, the pines reflect the snow, and the mountains dance with silver snakes. Xiangyu, with mountains overlapping, steep slopes and deep gullies, and fast flowing water, has formed a unique landscape. Wolong mountain, Wolong cave, Yinlong snow cliff, diamond, stone turtle looking at the moon, yinlongyan, Longmen, brokenhearted cliff, yanwangbian, etc Lijiaya waterfall, Shiguo waterfall, Gaoya waterfall, youguqing waterfall, hanging ice curtain, with a drop of 20-50 meters, or the waterfall is straight down, roaring, or trickling, pearl flying jade splash, or summer waterfall, winter ice curtain. Shiguotan, sanditan, yunvtan, no source, different shapes, clear and sweet water, and many mysterious legends. Chang'an Nanshan is a Buddhist holy land since ancient times. There is a saying of "Three Li and ten temples". In Xiangyu Valley, there are mainly Daguo temple, Xingshen temple, five temples, Dabei temple, Lingyan temple, yanwang temple, Yuquan temple, etc. most of them were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The size of temples is different, and the fragrance is different.
Tourism information
1. Take bus 4-08 to Xiangyu Forest Park station. 2. Take 916 to Dongda town in Western e-mall, and turn 4-08 to forest park.
Scenic spot traffic
Three Chinese buses are arranged in the park to transport tourists from the entrance of the mountain to the sandiei waterfall of Xiangyu about 5 km, and then to pick up tourists from the yugoukou parking lot and leigongqiao parking lot to the entrance of the mountain respectively. Xiangyu Forest Park
Board and lodging
Xiangyu Forest Park has Xiangyu holiday villa, Qingshui villa, Nongjiale villa, two swimming pools and two fishing parks for tourists' accommodation and entertainment.

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