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Gao Guan falls

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Gaoguan Waterfall Scenic Area is located in the lower reaches of Gaoguan River in the southeast of Guyi District, Xi'an City, more than 30 kilometers away from Xi'an. It is also the junction of Chang'an District at the north foot of Qinling Mountains. Because the stone cap peak in the mountain is like a giant wearing a high hat, according to this unique image, people will name the Yuhe waterfall cloth and deep pool here with "Gaoguan". This is a beautiful landscape. The most spectacular and dynamic of the waterscape is Gaoguan waterfall. However, due to the blowout development of tourism, hundreds of people come here every holiday or weekend. The farmhouse in the scenic area directly builds the awning on the gentle water surface at the upstream and downstream of the waterfall, and food residues and garbage are dumped into the water at will. The ecological environment of the waterfall is seriously damaged.
Location of Gaoguan waterfall summer: 08:00 ~ 18:00 winter: 09:00 ~ 17:00 AAAA ticket price of scenic spot level fit for all
Historical records
Gaoguan waterfall is located in gaoguanyukou and gaoguantan. "The shape of the mountain is absolutely steep, and there are waterfalls flying down, such as the silver river falling down, and the pool is under the water column,
It's immeasurable. (the revision of household and county annals). CEN can, a poet of Tang Dynasty, made a more vivid description of the waterfall: "there is a waterfall at the mouth of the cliff, which is half empty.". Spray the walls for four hours of rain and thunder all the time.
Scenic spots
The rocks on both sides of Gaoguan waterfall stand upright, and the height is as high as 20 meters. In the next view: thirsty cloth flying in the air, swirling foam, pearl and jade splashing, water filled. Cold air covers your face and refreshes your skin. Listen to it, the roar is like thunder, the mountain is singing and the valley is echoing.
The characteristic of Gaoguan waterfall is that the waterfall is hidden and the style is implicit. Water from the waterfall along the rock clip into a stream, twists and turns, gushing down, surging. In addition, the waterfall has sieve pond on the top and Gaoguan Longtan on the bottom, forming the unique structure of Gaoguan waterfall.
Along the stone steps on the cliff on the west side of the waterfall, go up through the Niubi cave, pass the Mingdao Pavilion, climb on the eagle mouth stone, and stand on the waterfall viewing platform suspended on the top of gaoguantan. Looking down, you can have a panoramic view of the waterfall. The water mist soared up like a fairyland. Looking along the sunshine, Gaoguan has seven colors of rainbow and is also a unique waterfall.
Gaoguanyu river has abundant water flow and clear water quality. Green mountains and rivers set off each other, and the valley is winding and secluded. Stroll along the river bank to enjoy the scenery, and swim in the river bay to enjoy the water, which can add more fun to the journey.
Gaoguan waterfall is one of the eight sceneries of Huxian County in Ming Dynasty. It was listed in the twelve sceneries of Ganting in Qing Dynasty and was chanted by literati and scholars. At the four corners of the cliff on the west side of the waterfall is the pavilion of Mingdao, in memory of Cheng Hao's visit to Gaoguan. On the rock on the west side of the passage, cen can sits and watches the waterfall, with vivid and vivid expression. Like the three straw hat pavilions in the south, it means to take Cen Shen and his younger brother to return to the hidden mountain. Ru GUI, a famous contemporary calligrapher, writes "Gaoguan waterfall" for the scenic spot, which makes Gaoguan waterfall more beautiful.
The high crown scenery has layers, depth, beauty and interest, forming a colorful natural landscape picture, just like a moving symphony, which is the tourist attraction people yearn for.
Tourism development
Gaoguan waterfall resort is a comprehensive service hotel integrating staying, meeting, catering, entertainment and vacation. There are shops, restaurants, meeting rooms, network rooms, audio-visual equipment, recreation rooms, karaoke dance halls, open-air dance halls (campfire parties can be held, game barbecue, etc.), spring baths, sports gyms, fishing pools, swimming pools, high-school rooms, etc.
Matters needing attention
Gaoguan waterfall and gaoguantan are famous waterfalls and ancient pools in history. During the Western Zhou Dynasty, this was the main source of water supply for the city. In Qin and Han Dynasties, it was a part of the imperial family's Shanglin garden. Later, in different historical periods, it sometimes became a royal garden, sometimes a Buddhist master's practice treasure. The literati and poets of all ages are here to enjoy the scenery and recite poems, which add a lot of humanistic atmosphere to the waterfall. The most famous poet, cen Shen, has made an indissoluble relationship with Gaoguan waterfall. He wrote a poem about the waterfall: "the cliff mouth is hanging,
Half blank. Spray the walls for four hours of rain and thunder all the time. It can be seen that the waterfall is magnificent.
In 1989, a female worker accidentally fell into the pool in Xi'an. Three college students also fell into the pool when they were rescued. The Central Military Commission assigned divers of the East China Sea fleet. After three hours of searching, they were rescued and landed. According to the divers' introduction, the pool was very deep and covered a large area. No edge was found for more than three hours. This is exactly in line with the local magic legend: there is a stone gate in the east of the pool. After entering, there is a stone mill and a golden foal. The golden foal can only be drawn out with three hundred years of Chengu grass.
In 1996, 13.8 Jin of giant salamander appeared in gaoguantan. On June 8, 2002, another 22 Jin of giant salamander was caught, which is enough to show the large space and deep water in gaoguantan. It is said that the bottom of half of Guifeng mountain is occupied by gaoguantan.
Located 500 meters south of Gaoguan waterfall, xiacuihu lake is surrounded by Cuifeng, with ripples of water, reflection of mountain shadow, elegant and quiet. It's named xiacuihu because every morning and night, the sun shines on the lake, the water is gorgeous, the mountain is emerald, the breeze is light, and it's as beautiful and moving as the brocade shaking with red and green. The upper reaches of xiacuihu lake are shallow water swimming area and the lower reaches are deep water boating area.

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