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DaYanTa square

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  DaYanTa square

This paper introduces that Dayan Pagoda square is located at the foot of the famous Dayan Pagoda. After its completion, it has been praised by experts and the general public. It has become a cultural tourism scenic spot suitable for people in Xi'an to enjoy, gather and sightseeing. Professor Huo Songlin, a master of Chinese culture, wrote a poem after his visit: "the water, wood, and Tsinghua buildings are new, and the flowers are like flowers and grass. The square has both garden beauty and leisure enjoyment. " The square is divided into the following parts:
North Square: large scale, the theme landscape is water fountains, the whole square is divided into three parts with Dayan tower as the center axis, the center as the main waterway, the left and right sides are divided into "Tang poetry garden area", "Fa Xiang flower bed area", "Zen forest area", and other landscapes, the south end is set with viewing platform, surrounded by tourism and trade facilities. The music fountain is located on the central axis of the square, with a maximum length of 350 meters from the north to the South and a maximum width of 110 meters from the east to the West. It is divided into three areas: the 100m waterfall pool, the eighth cascade pool and the music pool at the front end. During the performance, the style of the fountain changes, and at night, it is more colorful under the light. Around the fountain, there are many delicate small landscapes, such as the bronze carvings of the great Tang Dynasty scroll at the entrance of the North Square, the ten thousand Buddha lighthouse and the cultural column of the great Tang Dynasty, the sculpture group of the outstanding figures of the great Tang Dynasty next to it, the ground relief paved on the ground, the sculpture of "poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal" with Chinese art characteristics, and even the famous poems on the Lightboxes, stone railings and other buildings.
Yanta West Garden: located in the west side of the North Square, it highlights the garden features, trims the forest trees, paves the flagstones and sermons, and places the sculptures with strong folk customs. The overall landscape is integrated with the north square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, forming a beautiful contrast. The whole Xiyuan highlights the public welfare and regional cultural color. With Shaanxi folk culture as the theme, it focuses on the representative folk customs of Guanzhong, Weibei plateau, southern Shaanxi and Northern Shaanxi with vivid sculpture art images, such as shadow puppets, paper-cut, clay sculptures, eight monsters of Western Shaanxi, rural marriage, sugar blowers, stilts, old town stories and Bailuyuan series, etc It has lasting appeal.
Yanta East Garden: located in the east side of the North Square, it is a public welfare cultural place "opera Grand View Garden" highlighting the regional characteristics of Shaanxi. Through the four kinds of sculpture groups, i.e. opera painted sculpture, local opera cast copper relief, Shaanxi opera dramatist group sculpture, Shaanxi famous opera actor group sculpture, it reflects the characteristics of Shaanxi regional culture and shows the unique charm of "grand Qin opera". Walking in the grand opera garden, reading face makeup and famous opera sculptures, it seems that there is a sound of drum music in my ears. The sculptures composed of several traditional operas of Qin opera, such as five classic slope, three drops of blood, the middle edge of the cabinet and cutting Li Guang, are vivid and lifelike, which is the so-called "loyalty, filial piety, righteousness and heroism, beauty, ugliness, good and evil, and all kinds of behaviors in the world".
Yanta South Garden: a garden style leisure park, which is still under construction.
South Square: built in front of Dacian temple, it is an interpretation of Buddhist culture. The landmark building is the vertical statue of Xuanzang. Surrounded by garden green space, water bridge and other facilities, it is a popular place for citizens to relax There are many restaurants of various styles in the dining / accommodation / shopping plaza and on both sides, including KFC and other fast food restaurants. There are also shops and designated vendors offering snacks, which are slightly more expensive than outside. There are many restaurants along the road in the block north of the square Transportation take bus No. 5, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 30, 34, 41, 44, 224, 237, 242, 400, 401, 408, 500, 501, 521, 526, 527, 601, 606, 609, 701, 715, you 4, you 6, you 8 (610), you 9 (320) and get off at the "DaYanTa" station Take a taxi from the railway station, usually about 15 yuan Admission / opening hours: free music fountain performance time: 12:00, 20:00 every day from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday: 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 21:00. Generally, there is no performance in winter (November to January of the next year), except for the Spring Festival Tips: 1. There are usually many people watching the fountain performance in the evening, especially in summer, the best viewing place should be occupied in advance; at the same time, be careful of the crowd. 2. For safety reasons, please do not enter the water spray area of the fountain square, especially when spraying water. When viewing the fountain, due to the large amount of water and high water spray, pay attention to protect the camera and other electronic products from being wet by water mist.

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