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North Square of DaYanTa

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 North Square of DaYanTa

Dayan Pagoda is located in Dacian temple in the south suburb. It is a famous ancient building in China and is regarded as the symbol of the ancient capital Xi'an. The north square of Dayan Pagoda is located at the foot of Dayan Pagoda. It is 480 meters wide from east to west and 350 meters long from south to north. It covers an area of 252 mu. It is designated as the North-South central axis. The front square is equipped with a gate and column tower as the connecting point between Yanta North Road and the square axis. It is composed of Waterscape fountain, cultural square, garden landscape, cultural corridor and tourism and trade facilities. The height difference between the north and the south is 9 meters, and the level is 9. From the south to the north, the level is gradually picked up to form the form of worship for the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The construction area of the whole project is about 110000 square meters, with a total investment of about 500 million yuan. The overall concept of the square is to highlight the big wild goose pagoda, Ci'en Temple and Tang culture, combining traditional and modern elements. There are four stone archways in the North Square. They are not only the primer of the square landscape, but also the signboard and landscape of the North Square.
The four archways are all decorated with white hemp stone, forming a three door style with high middle and low sides, showing the characteristics of balance, stability, simplicity and atmosphere. The inscription of the memorial archway is written in the font advocated by the Tang people, and the large plaque in the middle is written in the regular script of Yan Zhenqing, which is magnificent; the inscription of the upper and lower couplets on both sides is written in the running script of Wang Xizhi and Wang Xian, which is elegant and vivid. "The prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty" brought unprecedented prosperity and progress in all walks of life. This sculpture specially selected eight elites from the fields of poetry, calligraphy, tea ceremony, medicine, etc., "poem immortal" Li Bai, "poem sage" Du Fu, "tea sage" Lu Yu, "poem Buddha" Wang Wei, "Han Yu," the head of eight great families in the Tang and Song Dynasties, "calligrapher" Huai Su, "astronomer" monk line, "medicine king" Sun Simiao Objects are displayed in front of people with realistic and realistic sculpture techniques.

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