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Mijiaya site

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The prehistoric simple objects such as Jiasha red pottery, black pottery, white pottery, bronze vessels, bone needles, stone hairpin, jade ware and so on have been unearthed in succession in the area of mijiaya village on the West Bank of Chanhe River, Baqiao. As of yesterday, more than 300 pieces have been unearthed. In addition, 5 houses with white ash surface and 118 ash pits have been cleaned up. Scholars say that the excavation of the site adds a new luster to Shaanxi's cultural achievements in the new era.
The Mijiaya site is located on the West Bank of Chanhe River in the eastern suburb of Xi'an City, and its central area is around the mijiaya village of Baqiao. The site is about 2.5km long and 0.5km wide from south to north. At present, the archaeological team of the Provincial Institute of archaeology has basically finished the cleaning work of the No.11, No.8 and No.6 foundation trenches in the site. There are 5 rectangular ash faced houses, 118 ash pits, more than 300 pieces of pottery, bone ware, stone tools and jade unearthed, covering an area of more than 2000 square meters, and the distribution and connotation of the site have been basically clarified.
The main unearthed objects in the site are pottery, bone ware, stone tools and a small amount of jade and tooth ware. In addition, there are red pottery with sand, argillaceous grey pottery, argillaceous red pottery and a small amount of black and white pottery, etc. these wares are fired at a high temperature and have a hard texture. The main types of utensils are basins, plates, bean plates, funnels, jars, tongs, jars, two ear jars, three ear jars, clarifier filters, utensil covers, pottery rackets, net pendants, etc. The production technology of bone ware is very developed, with fine grinding and a large number of unearthed. Bone vessels mainly include bone cone, bone arrowhead, bone hairpin, bone needle, etc. The stone tools are relatively rough, mainly including stone balls, stone axes, stone adzui, stone chisels, stone hairpin, stone rings, net pendants, etc. There are a small number of jades found and most of them are damaged.
Xing Fulai, the archaeologist who presided over the site, told reporters that the site of mijiaya is an important ancient cultural site in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. The age of the site can be basically divided into two periods from early to late. One is the relics of the late Banpo culture, because the red pottery unearthed in the area of mijiaya is close to the relics of Banpo culture. For example, there are pottery pots, basins and bowls similar to those of Jiangzhai In terms of modeling and decoration techniques, the objects are the same as the objects of Jiangzhai. Jiangzhai culture is a typical cultural heritage of Banpo. Then there are the cultural relics of keprovincial village. Many objects unearthed from the site belong to this period, such as the double ear bronze vessels,  three ear jars, and double ear jars, which are the same as the relics of the Kangjia site.

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