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Xi'an Huancheng Park

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Xi'an Huancheng Park
Xi'an Huancheng park is a three-dimensional Park including the city wall, moat and forest belt of Xi'an in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has a unique style and is a unique park landscape in Xi'an.
Location of Xi'an ring city park
Development history
In July 1982, Shaanxi provincial government proposed to build Xi'an ring city park, which was warmly responded and supported by people from all walks of life in Xi'an. Hundreds of thousands of citizens participated in voluntary labor and built a large-scale Ring Park along the Ming city wall. The ancient city wall was rejuvenated, providing valuable cultural landscape for visitors to intuitively understand the ancient war. The park around the city takes the ancient city wall as the main line, supplemented by greening around the city and surrounded by moats. It is simple, rough, wild and has strong local characteristics. Xi'an Huancheng Park
Main attractions
Xi'an city wall
Xi'an city wall was built in the second year of emperor kaihuang of Sui Dynasty (582), and now it is expanded in Ming Dynasty. In 1961, Xi'an city wall was listed in the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. In 1983, the municipal government invested 10 million yuan in the overall planning of municipal construction and started to build the park around the city. Subsequently, the drainage system on the city wall was improved, and the enemy's platform and crenels were gradually restored. Heihe River flows through Qujiang lake and Xingqing lake and leads into the moat, like a silver chain around the city wall. Trees are planted on both sides of the moat to form a forest belt around the city. Flower beds and lawns are all under the walls. From the west gate to the east gate, it has successively built pine garden, Peony Garden, pomegranate garden, cherry blossom garden, jibeizhenbei garden, Hanguang Pavilion, maze, Yuanti, suspension bridge, South Gate moon city and other landscapes.
City Moat
Xi'an Moat, with a history of more than 600 years, was built from the 7th to the 11th year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty (1374-1378). Moat, also known as moat, is a man-made protective river around the city wall. It is an important fortification to prevent the enemy from approaching the city wall and defending the city.
Forest belt around the city
Under the city wall, on both sides of the moat, 890 Mu forest belt around the city is lush, and the moat water is green. The layout of the river and forest in the park is in harmony with the city wall and complements each other. In the garden, there are not only pavilions, sculptures, monuments, etc. hidden in flowers and plants, which make people relaxed and happy, but also small cruise ships and other facilities for boating city and river, which add more fun. In addition, visitors can mount the city head for a tour around the city, overlooking the scenery inside and outside the ancient city. Xi'an Huancheng park has become a good place for adults to enjoy themselves.

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