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Palace wall site of Tang Dynasty

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-11 16:17
There is a section of Tang Dynasty palace wall site about 500 meters long in the south of the ancient capital hotel, which is called "west five platforms".
The palace wall of Chang'an in Tang Dynasty was destroyed as early as in the war at the end of Tang Dynasty. In addition, the expansion of the city in Ming Dynasty made it more difficult to leave traces across the palace city. However, this section of palace wall was left by chance, because the Song dynasty built an anqing Temple based on this section of palace wall. The Buddha Hall of this temple is built on five high platforms. The temple has become a historical vestige, so the palace walls of Tang Dynasty can be preserved, but it is worth celebrating.
This is exactly the location of yeting palace where the palace ladies live in the city of Tang Palace. It reminds people of the allusion of "poems written in red leaves". It's said that when Tang Zong lived in the Tang Dynasty, the scholar Yu Hu found a red leaf on the surface of the Yugou river outside the palace wall, on which he wrote a poem: "why is the water so urgent? Deep Palace said Xian: thank the red leaf so that he can go to the world."
He admired the freshness of poems and the palace maids who wrote poems, so he wrote a poem on a piece of red leaves: "once heard the red resentment on the leaves and wrote a poem on the leaves to send to someone"? He floated the red leaves into the palace from the upstream of Yugou. Later, a group of maids were released from the palace. Someone introduced the Han family to Yu Hu as his wife. On the night of flowers and candles in the cave, they were surprised to find that the red leaves collected by each side were exactly what the other side put into the water of Yugou. Red leaves are a good match for them. Although the legend ends in comedy, it reflects the sadness and desire of countless palace maids in feudal society.

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